Thursday, October 9, 2008

Buddha’s True Intention

In my understanding, the only real teachings made directly by Buddha is Shitai 四諦 and Hashoudo 八正道. I sense that the essence of these teachings is based on only two matters. Accepting the situation, and live with gratitude. The rest of the teachings were developed few hundred years later after his death. His teachings were cheerful and vital. The religion that used Buddha created many wrong doings.

From the Hashoudo -八正道 (The Eight Right Paths), I sense particularly the Seichi-正知 teaching; to know about life in the right way, tells us the spiritual essence of his teaching.

Shitai teachings -四諦 (The Four Basics of Buddhism); 1) The truth of life is about suffering. 2) The cause of the suffering comes from attachment. 3) When you overcome the suffering you reach enlightenment 4) The path to reach enlightenment is Buddhism. From Shitai, #1) is the basics of Buddha. He tells that life is about suffering. It is normal that you are suffering. If you try to run away from it, you are going against the universal nature.

People try to avoid pain and use god or pay money to someone who claims to take the pain away from you. This will definitely result in receiving more pain later. It is because these people are going against the universal truth. Buddha says, human cannot run away from life, aging, illness, and the shadow of death. No matter how rich you are or how poor you are, sexual problems between men and women, fear of aging, sickness and death are always equally there for everyone. All of our problems are based on these four matters.

That is why, the NOW is so important. When you are having an ordinary life, that is a miracle and you should be very grateful for it. When pain or difficulty arises, that is the normal condition to be in. Those who are in gratitude in every moment are the ones who have overcome all the four conditions. This applies to #3).

Buddha tells me that those are the enlightened ones. You might think, oh dear, even after I am enlightened do I still have to deal with pain and sufferings?

That is right. You do. But when you are enlightened, you will understand that life is short and both suffering and joy will eventually disappear. You will understand that both suffering and joy is a precious thing that you are allowed to experience in life and be in gratitude. Even in hardships, you will always be able to keep a gentle smile on your face. You will start to feel that everything is precious. This is Satori – enlightenment, Kannagara=to be one with your own innate god.

Sitting in meditation for hours is a waste of time. You will only be in the dream world I call Makkyo 魔境-the demonic realm. How many did actually reach true enlightenment through meditation? There are only a hand full in this past thousand years out of the billions who attempted. Don't waste your time in doing such thing. If you have time to meditate, get involved in the real social world, and together with your innate god, accept everything that comes along with gratitude.

Deal cheerfully with all situations. This is what Buddha wanted for people.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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