Friday, October 17, 2008

A Precept from God about Cannibalism

A while ago when I had a dinner meeting with a doctor who specializes in genetic disease, we discussed about AIDS. He told me about a discovery on a tribe with a custom of cannibalism. They researched the tribes’ skeletal remains and the descendents’ conditions to discover that they had an immune related disease similar to AIDS. God may had created such precept for cannibals to have problems in the immune system which eventually lead to extinction of the group of humans or animals.

The doctor said that the key source is protein. When you bring in the same DNA type of protein into your body it creates some sort of disorder.

In my understanding, AIDS had started from a sexual contact between two men who has the same chromosome. With my amateur mind, I thought that when the protein/sperm is absorbed from one man to another, it is just like cannibalism. One is taking another human’s protein. Male and female have a different chromosome, so there is no problem. There are of course many other professional opinions on the HIV outbreak. This is just my thought. But when I start to think about it, my mind went on to think about the genetically engineered seeds and fertilizers. The industry is creating a specific type of protein in the plant genes, so when the pests eat the plant they would die from it. The livestock and we humans are consuming these plants. Most beef are made out of cows eating these GM plants. Simply by looking at the immune disease, I sense that engineering protein is against the natural order.

From next year, fertilizer export restraint regulations will occur due to the resource problem. We might have to rely on chemical fertilizers more and more. However, if we start to worry too much, there will be nothing for us to eat. I too will be eating out when I go on a trip. We simply have to accept the condition of this modern society.

But knowing about this or not will make a big difference. You could make a choice when you have to eat out. I would suggest avoiding eating beef in a cheap or fast food restaurant. If you have to eat beef, buy the expensive domestic ones. The cheap imported beef will damage your intestine. From now on, due to the vibrational frequency of earth, if you eat a lot of meat, there is a possibility to cause bloody stool.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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Pedro Teixeira da Mota. said...

May be the best is not to eat meat at all...