Monday, October 20, 2008

Your Own Color is the Best Color

October 10th was the futonorito day (meaning 20 - a divine number adding 10 +10) and the sunspot activity was outrageous. ( Since the 10th, my sleeping time has decreased to three hours. Until last month, if I didn’t have five hours of sleep, my days were a little hard. Now I am just fine with only three hours of sleep. I seem to have more stamina too. The company I work for, the building is quite big, and sometimes I have to run around. I don’t get out of breath anymore. Is this what they call runner’s high? (laugh)

When I hold a baby in my arm, I am overwhelmed by the baby’s spiritual magnetic field, how solid it is. It is not about how high or low her or his level is. He or she solidly holds their own spirit body as their essence. It is so amazing to know and feel that. When you are born to this world, each and every one of us is a representative of god. To maintain your own spirit body in a good condition is the way to bring out your innate god with ease. However, as we grow old, we have thoughts, actions, having ill feelings on others or against you…etc. We repeat all of these things and we add “stuff” onto our spirit body.

Moreover, in recent years, people have been paying a lot of money to become a licensed psychic reader or healer not knowing that they have added a spiritually magnetic energy field to themselves. Healers have become a trendy occupation making a lot of money. This is nonsense, and in truth it is a fraud. These people are ignorant. In time, the answer will be exposed to everyone. By that time, it will be too late to turn back.

If you interfere with other spiritual magnetic field in exchange with money, your innate god will hide, your life force will shrink, and cuts down your life span. One's life span is determined by how pure you maintain your original spirit body.

When you believe in yourself, you are maintaining your innate god and your life span will be as long as it should be. You will look younger than your actual age.

People who are in the “spiritual business”, might talk about how your soul is higher or lower than others, but this doesn't really matter. Whoever kept his or her own “color” is the successor.
Psychics who give spiritual dust to others, will age faster, some loses hair in younger age. They usually don’t live long. But on the other hand, when that psychic has an evil spirit behind, they live much longer. The ones whose works are lackadaisical, death will approach in their 50’s.

Those who are ordinary people, simply live by believing in yourself, even if you are ill or in misery. That is your “color.” If you can live in gratitude, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, that it the most wonderful way of living. You will be led to live in a place where everyone is in gratitude. It is a very comfortable place.

If this strong sun spiritual radiation continues, the psychics who make a living out of their “spiritual business” might not be able to survive. With the sun radiation starting from next year, his or her spirit body might be burnt by the sun.

The sunset is exceptionally beautiful on the day when intense sunspot is exposed.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

from blog of 10.19.2008

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