Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spiritual magnetic energy and Heart - Part1

The acceleration of time is influencing the earth body’s spiritual vibration to accelerate as well. The problem is whether the human beings can keep up with the acceleration or not. If people are not able to purify their spirit body to reach to a certain high frequency, physically they will have a very hard time. That is the reason why I am suggesting the ancestral kuyo and gratitude awareness.

As the sunspot increases reaching its peak at 2012, in the same pace, geomagnetism, the earth’s magnetic field, is declining. Our government has been researching this which you can see on the website http://www.kakioka-jma.go.jp/knowledge/mg_bg.html (the second graph on the page). As you can see on this graph, the past 200 years the geomagnetism has continuously declined. The reason has been a mystery. If this decline continues, we will not be able to protect ourselves from the intensifying electro-magnetic energy from the sun, and people will be exposed to the radiation from space. If this happens, the modern science tells us that no creature on earth will be able to survive.

I did a psychic reading on why the geomagnetism is declining? First of all, the spirit told me that the increase of population has to do with it. The graph shown on the above website tells us that the increase of population and the decline of geomagnetism are in a proportional relation. Researchers say that our ways of living and the industrial pollution is the cause. But that is not true. 

When you interpret this matter spiritually, The Divine Spirit of Earth has been giving its spiritual magnetic energy to every human being when they are born. The more birth of a human being, the more magnetism from earth is taken away. In order for one human soul to be born on this planet, billions of years are spent to create all of the necessary DNAs from an atom from space. We are no doubt a divine spirit, a fraction of god, a fraction of the divine earth.

As the population increases, the earth spirit has become thinner. What can we do in return to the earth spirit who has given us its own spiritual energy? The matter lies in the human minds. Our thoughts are emanated as magnetic energy. If we humans could emanate as much good thoughts as the amount of geomagnetism that was lost in the past, the total amount of magnetism around this earth can remain the same…. a grand dream came into my mind.

I think the effect of “the magnetic energy of a thought” of a human who is a part of the very Root of the universe could have an unlimited potential that even the modern science could never measure.

At this time, there are still too many people who are clouding their own spirit-self and not emanating his/her own light. We all have our own Innate God, an in-house power generator. But people are not switching their lights on, and instead looking outside for help to a false generator that can only bring false comfort. Some of those false generators may suggest you to say some incantations or mantras, not knowing that those incantations itself has a huge pile of spiritual dust of hundreds of years that could destroy your in-house generator. Your original spiritual magnetic energy is the most important energy you need, and the only key for you to emanate your own light.

A heart of a human is a bundle of many fine electrical signals. An electrocardiogram is an analogical interpretation of these signal patterns. There is a very close relationship between a heart and electro-magnetism. From now on, the electro-magnetic energy from the sun will continue to increase. If the magnetic field of earth continues to stay low, people with a lot of spiritual "dust" will start to have heart problems. Actually, it is already happening. Records at hospitals show the increase of emergency patients with heart related problems on the days of sunspot occurrence.

When I was doing the readings up until here, the Spirit of the Earth God showed me an incredible scene. It was about the truth on the extinction of the dinosaurs. 


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