Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spiritual magnetic energy and Heart - Part 2

Many scientists have come up with different theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs. However none of them are a definite cause. One theory is that a huge meteorite fell which cause a catastrophe. Other theories tells us the ice age was the cause, the sudden change of climate, virus, limits of gravity, etc… But they all seem to have no conclusive evidence.

- If the extinction happened in one area, the climate change could be the cause but it actually happened in a very short period at once throughout the world.

- It doesn't explain why even all the dinosaurs in the deep ocean died around the same time.

- Dinosaurs lived for a very long time, adapting themselves to the environmental changes. It is hard to believe that they died just from shortage of food.

There are many other mysteries, but the biggest mystery is that the fossils show that death took place suddenly while they were still in motion traveling in a group. It doesn’t look like they weakened gradually.

I will tell you now, what my reading showed me about the extinction of the dinosaurs. It was just one part of the grand evolution of the creatures on earth.

At one point on earth, one species, the dinosaurs, had increased anomalously that reached a critical point. At the same time, the geomagnetism started to weaken and declined in a short period of time. This led to a destruction of magnetic field barriers at both poles. Without the barrier protection, the dinosaurs were exposed to the intense electro-magnetic ray from the sun and other radiations from space. Starting from the larger ones, they all had a heart attack from the radiation and died. Dinosaurs had hearts of highly advanced configuration. The other creatures that did not have a heart or anything close with a similar mechanism seem to have survived. The giant dinosaurs were affected and extinct by the intense sun radiation because they had a highly developed heart.

Reference: Reuters/April 24, 2000/Washington - An astonishing fact was discovered by Dale Russell from North Carolina State University and his co-researchers. Examining a fossilized heart of a 66-million-year-old dinosaur through computer-enhanced, they discovered that these ancient creatures were mammal like warm-blooded creatures. This will lead to prove that dinosaurs were not moving slowly with heavy steps but rather running fast with light steps always hungry for food. The scanned images of Willo’s body (a nickname for this fossil) strongly suggest it is a four-chambered, double-pump heart with a single systemic aorta, more like the heart of a mammal or bird than a reptile. Russell says “I am astonished to find out that the dinosaurs had such advanced heart mechanism. What does this imply? Just thinking about it makes me speechless.”
(Note: This is a translation from the Japanese article since I was not able find the original English article.)

The decline of the geomagnetism caused both South and North Poles to shift at the same time. Then the shift of poles caused the shift of the continents. Our planet earth has been repeating this cycle of extinction of lives and shifts of continents millions of times. The history repeatedly extinguished the creatures that bred the most. The next arriving new creatures evolve as if its genes had been modified by the radiation from space. These big shift and changes were inevitable for the creatures to mutate and evolve. And at the end, humankind was born.

In Japanese, Kunitokotachi-Ōkami is the name of the Earth Spirit. Kuni means country. To = and. Kotachi = children. Country is the earth. Children are all the lives. Earth and lives on earth cannot be separated. The critical point of population increase is coming close. Our evolution as humankind may come to a jumping point.

We are now at a crossroad. Whether we are able to exude our own innate light (magnetic energy) or not, to cover for the decline of geomagnetism is the turning point. What kind of magnetic energy do we exude? Of course the energy of gratitude is most powerful and effective.

The Earth Spirit who resides at Gegū of The Grand Shirne of Ise is looking over us. I am very much looking forward to see how the gratitude kotodama I received at this place, the key to lead the 5% campaign of humanity, will transcribe to this World of Reality.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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