Monday, December 1, 2008

The Truth of the Spirit behind Reveal - part 2

When one is possessed by an evil spirit, and if he or she could get rid of its spiritual magnetic energy in an early stage, he or she could go back to a normal life. Though he or she will no longer have any super natural power. Until one succeeds in exterminating the evil spirit from his or her body, the evil spirit is eating one’s konza (a seat where one’s soul resides). So when you try to get rid of the evil one, you are ripping off the spirit by force from your spirit body. Therefore, you will physically experience some negative condition. When you try to get rid of the spirit after a long time of possession, the evil spirit has eaten most of your konza. Therefore after forcing the extermination, you might become seriously ill or in a worst case, die. The more financially successful you were as a religious leader, the more severe. The best way for a religious leader who is in possession by an evil spirit is to exterminate by his or her own effort with the gratitude sending. The leader must exterminate the organization and continue to pray with gratitude. This will bring positive magnetic energy, a gentle way to his or her spirit body.

Although once one has obtained a luxuriously life, it is very difficult to let it go. It is not easy for a religious leader to resign from such supreme position. When the evil spirit behind has eaten up the leader’s konza the leader will start to weaken, and the evil spirit will start to look for another person in the same organization.

For Mr. A who is possessed by the giant lobster, he has had a very “tasty” life. Though after death, he will have to continue being a servant to this lobster. In this case, the lobster lives in the ocean. Thus Mr. A will die by the ocean. The ocean, in exchange for his glorious life, will take his soul away. As he starts to sense the end of his time, he will become afraid of the water or the ocean. But he would not be able to get away from his destiny. It will look like an accident on a ship or an airplane flying above the ocean.

From the Root God, everything is treated equally, humans, cows, dogs, birds and even lobsters. In Shinto, from the ancient times, we believe that everything is representing god. We say we have yaoyorozu-no-kami meaning eight million (numerous) gods exist. If we keep killing lives without sending gratitude, the pain of animals and other creatures will accumulate in another dimension. The head spirit of each animal kingdom will come back to humans for revenge. In India, the head of the cow kingdom is here for revenge. In Japan, the head of the snake kingdom is here. Also the smaller kingdom is the lobster. They possess a human being and take away the precious time and money from people.

We will have to use our consciousness in the right way to make sure not to become involved with these evil spirits. At home, if you are always angry, you will actually grow spiritual horns on your head. Then the same kind of spirit will come to possess you and your anger will be out of your control. Lets keep our mind in the right path.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Anonymous said...

Although I'm a Japanese reader, I'm looking forward to your honest and steady translation.

Today, I accidentally found the word "consciouness" in the second paragraph of "About this blog." "Consciousness"?

- Mariko K - said...

Thank you for your correction. Please let me know when you find one again.