Friday, December 5, 2008

Otakara-san (my treasure)

When I visit one of my client, I often see a boy with PDD walking around the grounds of the company. He is always holding a can of coffee in his hand with a smile on his face. He is just wondering around, talking to himself in a loud voice. It sounds like he cannot pronounce properly.

One day I had to stop by the president’s home of this company not so far from the office. As I rang the bell at the door, the door opened immediately. For a second, I thought the door was automatic. But it the boy who came running out screaming. Soon after, the president came out and said “Oh our otakara-san (our treasure boy) is going out” with a laugh.

After finishing my work, I got in the car and thought about the president. How wonderful he is to call his own child“otakara-san.” He was not ashamed of him at all and boldly accepts who he is and let him freely run around the grounds of his company.
I know a lot of family who have disabled children and many of them do not want to take care of them. They put them in a home. It might depend on how severe the condition is, but I thought this man was a parent with a very good heart.

One time, I saw the boy walking a little far away from the company’s site. When I looked him closely he was smoking a cigarette. He was clicking the lighter in his hand walking very fast. like a racewalking twisting his waste. I knew he was over the legal age, but I thought this was something his father didn’t know. I wondered whether I should stop and talk to him. But I was late for my appointment so decided to pass through. Later in the afternoon, I went to the office because I was worried about the boy. There I found the president and his son at the parking lot. The man had tears in his eyes. I just caught to see him slap his son. When I got off the car, the man noticed me and looked toward me. In that moment, the boy ran away screaming and shouting. The man told me that he caught his son smoking a cigarette and that's why he scolded him with a slap on his face. He really had to make sure that playing with fire is very dangerous and that might hurt other people. I could only agree with him. The man had red eyes. I saw his love for his son.

This company is doing well in spite of the economy down turn. The president told me that they don’t have to advertise. They keep getting orders without making any effort. I think it has to do with the man’s character and the otakara-san, his son. When otakara-san walks around the company, he is purifying the energy of the place.

There is always a balance in this world. Where the balance takes place is very complicated and we are not capable of understanding. It is an artwork of the gods. It is perfect in every way.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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