Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mu - from Easter Island to the Islands of Japan

The other day, I was watching a TV show about the World Heritage, Easter Island. There was a short scene introducing a site where the island people used to worship their ancestral spirits. The second I saw that site, it linked to a place in Japan where a particular god resides. A spectacular scene came into my brain. The place on the Easter Island where they used to worship the ancestral spirits is a ground full of spherical stones. Half of the spheres are buried in the ground and the other halfs are showing on the surface. There is a place in Japan where you can see something very similar. It is Tamaki Shrine in Totsukawa-mura, Nara Prefecture.

Over twenty years ago when I visited this shrine, I was amazed how many tengus (mountain goblins) lived in this shrine as kenzokus (retainers of a god). They are half-materialized creatures and they were jumping around the forest. You probably won't find any place like this in the world with so many forest fairies. If you are still a young child, you might mistakenly see them as human beings. As I was walking on the long pathway to the shrine, the tengus would hop around me, staring at me and checking me out. Some of them looked like warriors from the movie “Predator”.

However, over the past two decades, many high voltage electric iron poles had been facilitated. And the environment has been destroyed for the tengus to survive. It is now even a dangerous place for the commoners to pay a visit. If you do anything disrespectful, you could get into trouble. The place should be kept untouched and sacred.

Tamaki Shrine has the same spherical stones buried in the ground and has been worshipped as ancestral spirits. Deep inside the forest in the sacred ground of this Shrine, there lays a stone figure of a god just like the Moai statues of Easter Island.

Long time ago, I visited Mt. Oomine in Nara. There I sensed the Kongo-Zao-Kongen ( which looked exactly like the Maois in my vision. It was shinning bright in a golden color.

At the end of the super ancient civilization of Mu (Lumeria), people traveled to escape from the continent and their beliefs went along with them. All the way from Easter Island to Kumano or Nara of Japan, this long zone line inherited the spirituality that was understood in the time of Mu. It is still alive.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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