Monday, January 19, 2009

Nothing goes to waste

There is an act called Kagezen (陰膳 or 影膳). Kage (陰) means “shade” also used as a term “to support secretly”. Kage(影) means “shadow.” Zen(膳) means “meal.” Kagezen is about the act of praying for the return of someone who has been missing. During the time of war, when a family member was missing, people used to do the Kagezen in front of a photo of the missing person offering food on the altar. They pray for the missing person to live without hunger. This act is spiritually practical. The person who is missing does not know about his or her family member doing the Kagezen, nor does the food actually get delivered. But somehow his or her condition maintains to be healthy. In this world, everything is spiritually connected. Our acts are reflecting on everything outside of us. However, when we cannot see the results, we underrate our behaviors. You might do bad things thinking no one is watching your act. No one watching doesn’t mean you can get away with it. It will always reflect back on you some way or another.

Acting on ancestral worship with gratitude has a very strong meaning. During our short period a lifetime, if you act on healing your ancestors, the reflection of the spiritual energy of that act will last for a very long time. The act takes only three minutes every day, but it will be engraved in the eternal time and space of the future.

Even you have a good heart trying to help others, when you are carrying a lot of negative magnetic energy of the lost souls of your own ancestors, your heart will remain heavy and uneasy.

The god spirit who talks to me is asking me to increase the population of people who are in gratefulness about the daily small things taken for granted. One cannot do this in a true sense, if they have heavy energy coming from their own ancestral spirits. That is why the ancestral worship with tanzaku is very effective. The tanzaku will take over the static energy that comes from your ancestral spirits. You need something for the spirits to reside other than your own body so you don’t become sick. The tanzaku will take up the chaotic stressful magnetic energy that occurs in this world of reality. Some of those energy might be coming from a living person. The idea behind the tanzaku kuyō is to take over all spirits alive and dead who might come to you.

The god spirit says, “even if you are physically sick, poor, or in a miserable state, if your heart is light and healthy you will be able to become a divine pillar. When you become a divine pillar, you will attain true eternity.”

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Anonymous said...

Hello Mariko,
Can you please explain the word...tanzaku.
Thankyou once again for translating this blog.
Regards Ross

- Mariko K - said...

Tanzaku 短冊 : A rectangular shape paper normally used in writing Haiku ( short poem). Common size is 366×62 mm (14 ½ x2 ½ inches).

Please check Ise-Hakusan-Do Dictionary on the left column for words you don't understand.

Please also read "The Best Way to Send Gratitude" for more details on the tanzaku kuyo.


- Mariko K - said...

"The Best Way to Send Gratitude" is listed on July 2008