Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Return of the Divine Pillar - Part 3

What really surprised me in Seoul is the price of a taxi ride. The charge starts from 1900 won. It is about 140 yen ($1.40). I was assuming that the charge would keep going up very fast. But the taxi drove about 80km/hr like a racer chasing the car in front of him for quite a distance and the price was still 1900 won. If you are taking the taxi with more than two people, I would recommend taking the taxi. Its cheaper than taking the subway. 140 yen is the price of 1 liter of gas in Japan. It will probably cost over 2000 yen ($20) to drive that distance. I was shocked to know the big differences in the value. It means that the system of currency in this world is built on some other factors, ignoring the actual labor. The price of gas has a common value around the world, yet there is a 15 times discrepancy on the price for the labor of the driver. Such system of currency is corrupted. One’s innate god = conscience should not be bought by such corrupted society. We will not be able to Live. If we bring in such garbage into this world, the god will punish us.

The day we were returning to Japan, we left the hotel at 5:30am and took a bus. I was fine until this point accepting the spiritual magnetic energy coming into my body from Mt. Hakuto. But suddenly, I was struck by an intense sense of chilliness and nausea. It was like having an extremely bad hangover. At the same time, a vision came into my mind. It was a series of scenes from this past several thousand years that took place at this peninsula. A horrific tragedy. I was forced to see the scenes for one hour until we arrived to the airport. It seems that I received the last bit of the magnetic energy of the third pillar.

We arrived to Japan. At the parking lot, I stood facing towards Mt.Haku and all of the chilliness and nausea seem to dissipate.

The photo of our family’s faces we took during this trip captured three equilateral triangle of lights in beautiful light green color. It is also called “mitsutomoe(三つ巴/ shown on pics).” When you carefully look inside each of the orbs, you can clearly see a complex pattern that looks like the design engraved on a copper mirror from the ancient times.

The attached photo of a “mitsutomoe” design was sent by one of the reader, but it looks just like this. The design pattern on an ancient mirror has a deep spiritual meaning.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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