Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Return of the Divine Pillar - Part 1

In May of Year Heisei 20* (2008), I was told by a God to go to Korea to bring back the third stone pillar that was taken to Mt.Hakuto in North Korea. For some reason, I was told to go to Seoul, South Korea and go back and forth several times between the Great East Gate and the Great South Gate. The God told me that when I do this, we could utilize a spiritual energy line called the Path of the Dragon, to move the spiritual energy that runs from Mt.Hakuto towards Hong Kong. By doing this, the God said he would be able to condense the spiritual power of the third pillar and send it to me. He also told me that because I am coming from Japan, the spiritual line will open between Korea and Japan and that will enable me to pull the energy of the pillar back to Japan.

In the super ancient time, the land of Japan was created from the birth of Mt.Haku that is now in Ishikawa-prefecture. From there, all the continents on our planet started to arise. Human kind appeared from the area between Mt. Haku and Lake Biwa, Shiga-prefecture. From there, the creation of the mountains continued which led to arise the Eurasian. The Eurasian Continent was connected to the Continent of Mt.Haku that was, at that time, positioned at a 90 degree angle to the current main island of Japan. Some of the original human beings immigrated around the Black Sea and eventually expanded to the African Continent. This information was given to me through a Divine Revelation. The modern science has only been able to verify the root of human kind to originate in Africa.

Long time passes after this, around 20,000 years ago, due to the lowering of the sea level, there was a time when the land of Japan and the Euraisan Continent was connected. At that time, one of the Three Stone Pillars that was placed at the sacred ground of Mt. Haku was taken away to Mt. Hakuto that is now in the territory of North Korea.

After this incident, the balance was unbalanced and the wrong human kinds started to appear on this planet. The root of the Ubusuna-kami (the Birth Place God) needed three pillars in order to gather good genes to create complete humans. With only two pillars, the genes were in imperfection. By this incident, the spirit of being in oneness was concealed, and the humans with the genes with imperfection started to fight against each other creating wars.

When the God spoke to me last May about going to Korea, I discussed it with my family. They said they wouldn’t mind going with me. But as a Japanese salary-man, I was only able to take a long vacation around the New Years. However, at that time, the value of Japanese Yen was not good and the gas price was so high, the airlines were adding a surcharge. It was going to be very expensive for the whole family to fly and spend few days in Korea. I told the God that I would like to cancel his plan. He was in silence. But later in the year, Yen went up, and the surcharge was deducted due to the downfall of gas price. On top of that, when I called up a travel agency, they told me that they just had some cancellation and that they have seats for my family. The situation turned around and we were able to go to Seoul. I had been there once 15 years ago. I was concerned about the language problem, but surprisingly many of store clerks spoke very good Japanese. I thought I was in some town like Osaka. It was much alike. Continue…

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu

*Year Heisei (平成)20: A year of Futo (20) – a number that is linked to Sun Goddess Amaterasu-Ohomikami


Anonymous said...

Although you usually pronounce "Sando" "Ubusuna," in this article the word should indicate the ultimate. This is a tough problem. It is sure this "Sando" is different from "Ubusuna." On the other hand, you never pronounce the word "Sando" in Japanese. Difficult terminology...

- Mariko K - said...

Thank you for your comment. It is my mistake. Sando-shin should be Ubusuna-kami. I have corrected the ariticle.