Sunday, August 16, 2009

Be the Cool Observer

After the solar eclipse that happened end of July, a new type of spiritual energy is flowing into the Chain of Islands of Japan.

During the past few hundred years, the main artery of the Dragon God (Japan) has been growing its blood streams from Tokyo to Kansai on the Pacific Ocean side. Industries developed where the main artery grew. And so did the population. The direction of the flow of the main artery has changed since last year from Tokyo - Kansai to Hakusan - Ise. The blood stream between Tokyo – Kansai is getting thinner. This means that the material civilization is shifting to a “heartfelt civilization”.

In ancient Japan, the sun rose from the Pacific Ocean and its spiritual energy ran from Izawa-no-miya of Ise through Mt.Asama (朝熊山) to Hakusan-Chukyo Jinjya (shrine). And Mt.Haku was breathing in the spiritual energy from the sun through this channel. The line between Izawa-no-miya and Hakusan-Nakai Jinjya was the Spiritual Path of the Sun for a long long time. It was a time when shrines didn’t exist. It was a pure sacred ground.

At Hakusan-Chukyo-Jinjya, there was something called Iwa-kagami (岩鏡). It was a mirror made out of a rock. In the ancient time, people used to make a mirror out of polishing a rock. At Izawa-no-miya, there is a stone pillar that is buried in the forest behind the main shrine. These are the religious remains left from the ancient days of Sun Worship.

This era was the time of “heart felt civilization.” The heart felt civilization was hidden and the material civilization started to come in front and continued for a while. From now on, the heart felt civilization is coming back.

From now on, Do Not Be Hurt or Be Afraid of economical problems or your family problems. Simply do what you can do in the now moment and don't forget to be in gratitude that you are led to live. Then be in trust and go with the flow. This will bring the best result.

Only your heart will live forever. What can be seen with your eyes will keep changing. Do not be attached to the material world. Be the cool observer. Be flexible.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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