Thursday, August 20, 2009

Immunity and Ancestral worship 1

The whole balance of our planet Earth is in crisis. The crisis is as serious as we humans have never experienced before. The cause is the melting of the ice at both the North and the South Pole. The ice in the deep ocean is melting which is causing a big difference in temperature that leads to create a wild change in the current.

It feels almost as if the timing was set from the super ancient times by god, and he has simply turned on the switch.

The melting of the ice is caused by the electro-magnetic waves from the sun. The increasing radiation from the sun is heating the Earth from the inside which is causing the ice to melt from a deep level. The melting of the ice on the surface is just a small amount compared to what is happening in the deeper level. This is changing the ocean current.

The heat from the center of the Earth will cause volcanic activity. The Pacific Ocean is already starting to activate. Be cautious about the movement of Mt.Fuji.

The only existing norito chant that has the breath from the World of the Gods is the Ooharae-no-kotoba (大祓詞). The latter part of this norito explains the purification of this planet Earth by the ocean water. This has began.

This is the biggest transitional period Earth has ever experienced since the creation of mankind. This is the climax of civilization and heredity of mankind.

The human souls that exist here today, they all have a meaning to be here at this time. You are standing at the end of a long heredity. You are the epitome that sums up all your ancestors of the past few hundred thousand years. You must we aware that you are the anchor. You may be just one being but you are living along with the lives of your ancestral spirits from the past few hundred thousand years.

If you feel miserable and having a hard time, that is one figure of a lineage. If you are fulfilled and in great gratitude, that is another end of one heritage. Just the fact one figure exists after such a long period is a miracle. Spiritually looking, either way, it is a god’s work of art. Human beings can only follow the Great Nature=God. To live or die is still in the hands of god.

As long of you live, no matter how awful your present situation is, you must not forget to be in gratefulness for your ancestral lineage. (to be continued...)

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting me live

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