Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Place after Death - 3

During the 49 days of the Bardo Period, everything you did in your life will reflect on your soul. From the “death” point, the energy you sent outside will all come back to you in this short period. Therefore, if you had made others suffer, you will experience the same pain all at once. So in a way, it’s better to experience the pain while alive. After your death, you no longer have a physical body to protect you. The pain will feel much stronger.

What if I acknowledged the wrongdoings and apologized or made efforts to make it up? If you had done this, there is a law that your actions will be reflected on the judgment.

What I am trying to say is that, just by dying you will not be able to run away from your wrongdoings. At the same time, if you had given a lot of love to others, you will be feeling all the love back to yourself.

Are you wondering if the kuyō will really reach to your ancestral spirits? I will say, would you only do things when it’s guaranteed? In that case, it will only be a duty labor just like you work for your wage. Doing a kuyō must come from your wanting to do so. Love must be given without any compensation. If you could act on sending kuyō like an unconditional love with no guarantee to do any good for you, then that is genuine. And it will for sure reach to your ancestral spirits.

Those who know that one must live no matter what and do good without any expectation is worth giving applause.

Even if you stayed single, if you had help heal your ancestral spirits, you will be healed and saved after death.

Everything you do is recorded. Every little thing you do in this life is all worth doing. It will sum up at the end and come back to you.

If you become aware of this, your way to live your life will change from now on.

The Bardo Period is a time of reflection. And you will be judged by your own innate god = “good will” which way to go, to heaven or to hell. At this point there is not escape. Your soul belongs to the Root Source of All. You are simply a derivative of the Root. Therefore your true genuine part is made from goodness. And you will be judging yourself from your own genuine part.

At the end, not a singe soul can escape from one’s own righteousness.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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