Saturday, December 26, 2009

Journey : Ise ~ Kumano to Tenkawa 11

It has been a while since my last visit to the Tenkawa-Dai-Benzaiten shrine. My psychic eyes detected a spiritual existence of a giant white serpent calmly residing inside the shrine. The existence once supported a female religious leader who was called the "Avatar of Benzaiten." The serpent was completely in dormant. With the end of the Showa Era, his activity was banned by the World of the Gods. And the serpent himself seemed to have become disgusted with the human beings’ excessive demands through greedy prayers.

The female guru was a living psychic medium for the Giant White Serpent. And even after death, her soul is still bound to the World of the Ghosts. To repay the favor given by the serpent, she must render good service to the existence on behalf of the people whom she helped. It may take a lot of time before she is released.

Two famous persons are included in her followers, Mr. M-shita and Mr.S. The former was called the “god of economy” during the Showa Era and the latter was the powerful fixer in the back society of Japan who was in control of Jimin-Toh (the dominant political party). The two notable big bosses of both front and back societies had no hesitation in stating that they were the adherents of this female guru. This statement has a profound meaning.

The two bosses received a lot of requests for donation and extortion from the religious organizations all over Japan. They both replied, “I will give you the money. But don't disclose my name.” The two met many psychics and noticed that nobody exceeded this female religious leader. Although she was the representative of a new religious organization, she and her husband were entrusted as the presiding monks for the eleven hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Mt.Kōya. This treatment was unprecedented in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.

I sensed that this female guru’s capability of seeing the future was quite remarkable. She could probably foresee the forthcoming 30 years of the customers in a split second. On the contrary, most of the famous psychics on TV are immersed in joy to guess the right answers to such as what he ate recently. It is useless and meaningless information for the person’s spiritual progress.

The female guru collected much money, but she kept sitting on the floor to consult her customers spending half a day of every single day until her death. At last, her legs seemed to have got gangrenous. She died young without living in luxury. She was indeed one of the most extraordinary beings who contributed to the prosperity of the Showa Era behind the scenes. From her contribution and the standpoint of spiritual possessing phenomenon, I will never forget this woman’s friendly laughing face I see through my psychic vision.

Going back to the giant white serpent, I sense that he used to live in the Tenkawa-mura village located between the mountains from the super ancient times. I think the shape of this village itself was suitable to accumulate a comfortable energy for the snakes to gather. In comparison with the place where the Tenkawa-Jinjya is built, the energy of kami was more abundantly filled in the other places of the Tenkawa- mura village. Through my psychic vision, I could see the whole village enveloped in a divine mist.

Why is this village so special? The reason I sensed was the relation of this village to the “floating giant island”(see article Nov-30-09) in the Pacific Ocean. The flow of energy came from that floating island through The Great Waterfall of Nachi and Tamaki-Jinjya shrine to the Tenkawa-mura village in a straight line (, drawn by one of the readers).

Tenkawa-mura village geographically acted as a uterus and the energy heaped there and then returned back to the floating island, which created a spiritual energy circulation harmonizing the land and the sea into oneness. (To be continued… the final of this series)

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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