Thursday, December 24, 2009

Journey : Ise ~ Kumano to Tenkawa 10

I went around the shrines in the territory of the Gods of Tamaki Jinjya to pray for peace in Japan.

At the Kumano-San-Zan shrines, up to God Susanoo is worshipped, but a shrine that worships Kunitokotachi-Ohokami (the Creator of the Earth) at its main Honden shrine is only exercised at Tamaki Jinjya.

The reason why this God’s name of Earth has been concealed at Gekū of Ise Jingu was probably because of the era. It seems to me that this God was meant to be hidden in the deep forest by the God’s will.

As I pay a visit to the shrine, I felt absolute tranquility. He is silent, but observing us in a solemn manner. Then, I received a revelation. “Due to the destruction of the World of the Ghosts, the evil spirits from the rivers to the mountains are rampant, but when it changes, it will change in blink of an eye.”

There was a path going into the woods, still within the sacred ground. However, I had decided to go back. We had to start our way back home today, and on the way back, I wanted to stop by Tenkawa Jinjya. We still had 400km to drive. I was determined to come again next year to try and find the stone statue. I simply stood there and used my psychic senses. I felt that the stone statue was as least 500m into the animal path and inside the bushes. But I definitely felt the existence. I waved goodbye to the Jōmon Sugi (old cedar tree) and left Mt.Tamaki heading to Tenkawa.

It has been 25 years since my last visit to Tenkawa Village. It was a surprise to feel the rising of the frequency of magnetic waves (spiritual energy) as we got closer to Tenkawa on the state road. The river that was running parallel to the road was remarkably beautiful. I could see the pure energy of nature overflowing the river.

We got to Benzaiten-Sha(天河大弁財天社) or Tenkawa Jinjya(天河神社). The parking lot was completely full. Looking at the number plates, people are coming from all the over Japan. This place is still a Mecca for the people who believe in so called “Okage” faith. I felt uneasy about the popularity of this place.

When I come here, I am reminded of one person. She was born a little below Tenkawa Village and was very active as a guru during the Showa Era (she dedicated her life to a giant white serpent and helping people until her legs were rotten).
to be continued … 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Anonymous said...


I noticed in some of your early posts that kami was translated as god. I don't think this is a smart decision for your final book, when it comes out. The word kami has very subtle meaning that even the smartest Japanese scholars like Atsutane had to discuss to figure out. People might get the wrong idea if you equate it to the Christian God.


Kamimura said...

Thank you for your comment. You might me right. I will note that to the editor.