Thursday, April 8, 2010


Over ten years, a medical center run by the government has been researching about depression. They made an analysis from more than 200 patients:

1.     People who believe that there is no fate and life can be changed with effort have smaller chance of suffering from depression.
2.     People who believe that life is determined and controlled by fate have higher chance of suffering from depression.
3.      People such as vegetarians whose diet are controlled by low fat and extremely low cholesterol tend to have higher risk. And it is seen more in women. Excessive consumption of meat also leads to high risk of depression, which comes to a conclusion that a balanced diet is important.

This analysis was the same as what I have been writing through my psychic reading, which I find interesting. This proves that those who believe in paying for psychic readings or any other kind of spiritual workshops have the tendency to suffer from depression. Also, those who are serious yoga and/or meditation practitioners or who are a member of a religious group are dependent people who are like robots. No.2 applies to them. 

Many of these people believe in fate and believe that they did something wrong in their past lives and because of that this life is going in a certain way and cannot be changed. They stop making efforts and think they are surrendering to the fate.  That is not true. After you die, you will find out that you wish you made an effort and regret not trying hard enough.

A mans walking is a succession of falls. It is important for one to have the courage and sturdiness to stand up and learn from the fall.

Your Innate God (soul) has two sides. One is the Ara-mitama(荒御魂) and the other is the Nigi-mitama(和御魂). The Ara-mitama is the vibrant part that feels the joy of life. It is the strong side of you who tries to protect from harm. Nigi-mitama is the feminine side that is gentle and peaceful. Those who become depressed are the ones with Ara-mitamas light hiding away. 

There are spiritual teachers who teach that life can be changed by ones own effort. But some of them say that, you where destined to meet me” at the same time. My Ara-mitama is in rage when I hear something like this.

We are all creatures connected to the ultimate source. The ultimate Kami is watching you and telling you to live your short life in the way you design and create. Life is not fixed. You have the choice and freedom to make it better. Don't be afraid to fall over and over again. Stay strong and keep trying. Dont give up!

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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