Monday, April 12, 2010

Shoulder aches

As long as you have a physical body, you need a certain amount of exercise.  If your circulation is not good, even a good medicine or supplement will not be consumed but just drain away. What you paid would simply be wasted.

A light depression or spirit possession could be cured or released by a good amount of exercise. By the understanding of Ko-Shinto, negative or evil energy (jaki) occurs from static energy (chi or ki) that becomes conagulated. In order to prevent a space to become conagulated and static, make sure the space (room) has enough circulation of air. And make sure the space is clean and tidy. The purpose of a Norito chant is also to move and cleanse the ki/chi of a place. It is important to change the atmosphere.

People who always have shoulder aches have a higher possibility to get caught by a spirit. Having a shoulder ache is a message that your circulation is not good. By doing enough exercise, your shoulder aches will be released and spiritually cleansed at the same time. Having a good flow of your blood stream is important.

In this world, everything should be flowing. A shrine where Kami reside, a limpid stream is requisite. A stream symbolizes the “flow.”

Since my work shift has been changed to the evenings, I no longer have the time to do my dashing up the hill exercise.  I’m also getting old, so this might be a good timing for me to change my way of exercising. These days, I work out at home before taking my daily evening bath. Taking a bath is the “flow” for me and the exercise comes with it as a set.

Here is my exercise menu:
1. Hindu style squat that works on the inner thigh.
As you come up from the squat position, you put both knees together very very slowly rise. I do this ten times. Your whole weight should be focused on the line between your big toes and the inner side of your heels.

2. I lie on the floor face up. Stretch my legs and put the big toes together and the heels apart, so it makes a perfect triangle. With my legs stretched and toes together, I lift up my legs about 15cm high. I wait as long as my abdominal muscle can handle and then go down. Repeat ten times.

3. Laying down, I put my knees up and do 10~20 sit-ups.
4. Then 10~20 slow push-ups.

I do this randomly for about 20 minutes. My waste is slimed and hips are tightened. I sit on a chair for a very long time during my work hours, but I don’t have any lower-back pain.

It’s important to breathe deeply and increase your heartbeat once a day. Make sure you don’t jump into the bathtub right after the exercise. It’s not good for your heart and blood vessel. Take a shower and wash yourself first.

So create your own menu for a daily light exercise. Don’t over do it. It will give stress to your body and you will age faster. Just do it in your own comfort zone.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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