Friday, April 16, 2010

The Secret of the Torii Archway

When you visit the Ise Jingu, there is a giant Torii archway at the entrance of the Sando path. There is another Torii archway in the middle of the Sando path and another right before the Honden main shrine.

You might wonder whether you should bow or not before entering the archway. And if you are bowing, where is the right position? In my understanding, one should bow before and after every archway. You might feel embarrassed to bow when other tourists are just passing through, but there is an important spiritual meaning to the act.

The explanation I am presenting here is entirely my personal opinion through my psychic reading. Please keep in mind that it has nothing to do with the commonly told tradition.

I have explained in the past that the concept of Torii archway derives from the idea seen in Judaism symbolically using the three pillars. However, the Japanese Torii only has two pillars. The secret key would be the third pillar which would be YOU, who is standing in front of the Torii.

Now I think you have the answer, whether to bow in front of the Torii or not. If you stand in middle of the Torii to make a perfect triangle, that would be the appropriate position to bow. After passing through, bow again at the third point of the triangle. So you would be bowing twice on each of the Torii. To be precise, at Gegū, stand slightly on the left side of the third point. And at Naigū, stand slightly on the right side as you bow. From there, you should be walking on the left side of the Sando path at Gegū and on the right side at Naigū.

The reason for this positioning is because the center of the Sando must be open for the Kami to pass through. When you walk consciously as you are walking on the Sando and in your daily life, it will help to bring good fortune accordingly to the Universal Law.  In front of the Honden main shrine, you will be bowing again in the same manner, not at the center but on the side. As you are walking back, bow again facing the Honden at each of the Torii (again twice each in front and back of the Torii).

One of our readers has made a visual graphics on the positioning. ( . This chain of movement can be seen in the Sephirot, one of the Jewish Kabbalah esoteric teachings. The functional structure is the same as I have explained in the way passing through the Torii archways.

The ten circles represent the ten levels (ranks) of the Divine World of the Sun. Each Torii you pass through, you get closer to Amaterasu-ohomikami.

According to my psychic reading, Moses and many other rabbis has visited Ise in the ancient times. They have much to do with the Emperor who had founded Ise Jingu. I am confident to say that when many rabbis of today from Israel come to visit Ise Jingu, world peace would come to realization.  

The entire world started from the three stone pillars at Haku-san.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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