Sunday, May 30, 2010

All living things are a part figure of a god

 In my photo book that was recently published, I have disclosed the true nature figure of Amaterasu-ohomikami who resides at Izawa-no-miya or Izōgū (伊雑宮) at Ise Jingu. (

This energy form, the figure of Amaterasu-ohomikami is the closest to the tenth dimension, the highest level in the World of the Gods I have ever seen.  As the level of the dimensions goes down, the deities would be in seen in a human like form. When it is seen in a human like figure, they are called Jinkaku-shin (人格神).  One deity exists in many levels in different frequencies. For example, in the fifth dimension, Amaterasu-ohomikami could be seen in a princess like figure wearing the twelve layer kimono. In the big festival held at Izōgū, she could be seen in a mermaid like figure.

 The day I took this photo, it was rainy all through the night and even when I arrived in Ise. But as always, once I start to walk through the passage, the sun starts to appear. Ever since I started to visit, it has always been the same for over twenty years. I only visit Ise, once or twice a year, but when I do, it is always sunny.

On this day, what I was thinking as I was heading towards Ise was that its time for the humans to remember the truth. The true identity of the human beings are one form of energy coming out from the an energy ball like the sun.

When you look at the picture of the sun on a TV screen, you can see the magma like corona popping in and out from the sphere. The amount of time of the corona popping in and out, is just about the same as one lifetime of a human being. It is only a blink of an eye, when seen from the standpoint of the sun.

When I visit the main shrine of Izōgū, I always see a nichirin (the circle of light). I would always see this no matter what. And it proves that Izōgū has maintained its sacredness. Thanks to the people working at Ise Jingu.
The outer rim of the nichirin is undulating calmly. When I look at the waves of light very carefully, it is radiating numerous beams outwardly. I received a revelation that each of these beams is the life of a human being.

A lifetime of a human being is just a few seconds when seen in a larger scale. So relax. You are just one thin beam of light, trying to enjoy the experiences. Your journey was born from one Kami, and one day you are returning to her. Once you die, you will know the truth and youll say to yourself oh my gosh, I wish I had enjoyed my life and helped others more.  You think, next time I will make right, but once again, you come and forget and worry about things creating problems.

So I was talking to Kami, isnt it time for us to remember the truth?  Then she showed me the nichirin.

To be honest, this nichirin wasnt there when I first took it. (|0|). I really looked carefully at all the thousand shots I had taken over the years and it wasnt there. It was when I checked it the second time as I was going through the photos on my computer, one photo was popping out. I enlarged it and that is when I realize the nichirin. Everytime, I look at this photo, the nichirin looks different. It is still alive in the photo. I can only say that was Kamis will to have this published.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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