Friday, June 4, 2010

Uniting at Dawn

(wrote:June 1st)
After a nap, I woke up early this morning around dawn to find some tingling sensation in the center of both hands. When I looked at my palms, a cross was emerging. Especially my left palm felt itchy for couple of weeks. And now the cross is clear. In my eyes, the flesh looks swollen. There is a circle around the cross mark (+), and a strong light is emanating. The right hand is starting the same itchiness from this morning. It might also be swollen in couple of weeks. 
The problem is that my palms are getting very sweaty. The mouse and the pad for my computer are getting sweaty too. (|0|) I cannot work without handkerchiefs on my hands.
The revelation reveals that this symptom I am getting symbolizes that we are ever-increasingly entering the phase of the innate god reflecting on its physical body. The fact that it happened on June 1st, a clean-cut date, signifies that the World of the Gods is consciously picking the dates according to our calendar. We have already past half of the year. The acceleration speed of time is increasing smoothly.

It is time for our innate god = good will to manifest in each and one of us. You will start to find more moments in your life of your good will coming out. It was always there, but maybe you werent paying attention. People will start to be awakened. 
If you are ill, have faith in your innate god and believe that it will be cured. Know that you are still led to live in spite of your condition. And be in gratitude. Then you will be definitely cured. You already have a god living in your heart. Simply continue to do the things you need to do in your daily life with gratitude. Worrying about anything will bring no good. So be in gratitude that you are led to live and increase that energy from moment to moment. If your wishes are not coming true, it simply means that you need to accumulate more gratefulness about things you already have in your life.  

Dont be influenced by other people or incidents. It might be stimulating, but your innate god is with you eternally. When you focus on your inner will, this is the best way for your growth.
The world (dimension) we live in, the World of Reality, is a very rare place where god and human can be in oneness. Once you die and leave this plane, you will be separated from god and go to a place (dimension) where your soul is led to go.

We are now at the very end of a long long dark night. We are very close to the dawn. I am only one step ahead. The nichirin (circle of light) will rise. And we will all be meeting our own innate god. The voyage with god is perfect and moving smoothly as planned.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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