Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Can Heal Yourself

 The other day, I went to get a haircut. The barber has this card system that gives me stamps and dates on it, so I can see when I came. I used to come once in two months, but this time I had to come within a month. My hair is growing faster. The speed of time is accelerating and at the same time, our metabolism is accelerating as well. For couple of years, Ive noticed my nails growing faster as well.

This is definitely a time of opportunity! Just with the way you set your mind, what was said to be incurable can be curable. On the other hand, when you participate in religious gatherings that depends on donations or receiving so called spiritual healing sessions, your condition might get worse or bad things may happen to you.

From now on, your daily thoughts and emotions will drastically influence your life. The past will no longer have the power to bind you. Only the mind in the Now Moment will determine your life.  It could be very powerful and almost scary. Anxiety and anger will destroy you. It is best not to be bothered by anything and stay free from worries. It is important to be in gratitude all the time, and act through the gratefulness.

The cells that construct a human body are regenerating every few days to six months. If you have some kind of disease, your cells are faithfully passing on the same information to your DNA. Your physical body is regenerating precisely as the design plan of your DNA. Thus, when your DNA improves, your disease is cured. The biggest influence and the key to cure is the third strand of your DNA (The third strand of DNA  blog:May 2, 2010) . The invisible strand is where your thoughts would reflect on. The thoughts of gratitude would rebind the strands to a normal, healthy condition. And the illness will be cured.

If you have a pain in any parts of your body, put your hand on it and say ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu repeatedly. In Japanese, we say te-ate (手当) for treatment, which literally means and writes to place your hand.  To do it by yourself, is true treatment.

Yesterdays revelation was that we have now entered an era where the power comes from within. Your own spiritual power is the only source that can heal yourself.  This also signifies that we have entered an era where receiving a spiritual healing from others could be dangerous. We will start to find out about accidents occurring at places where spiritual healing is practiced. Long distance healing therapy and prayers done by a fee would also bring negative energy. Treating each other within a close relative without any charges would be fine. You are in the same circle, same blood line. But still, treating yourself is truly the best way. You notice the dogs and cats treat themselves. They don't have other dogs or cats to treat them.

Those who have practiced spiritual healing have accumulated other peoples negative energy. Now they have less healing power and hiding away.

Modern medical science is improving by gods will. If you have a problem, go to a medical doctor. However, I will repeatedly remind you that YOU hold the key to cure and regenerate. Enzymes and probiotic bacteria are also useful tools. It is time for us to reconnect with our own self-healing power!

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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