Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living a normal life is the best

The true awakening would only occur when one is opening his eyes fully. It happens when one is living a mundane life. Your eyes will see the sacredness in everything. Then you will start to remember that you are one with god. 

In truth, the thought of doing a meditation is already off the track in finding the truth. It is an egoistic thought. You are leading yourself to a trap. For what purpose do you want to sit? Why do you think meditation is going to do good for you? Is it because, many notable people in the past as done it? Is it because you want to be in the satori (awakening) state of mind?  Even if you did it for fifty years, I promise you that you wont be in the place you want to be. On the other hand, meditation could lead you to be caught in a trap into the makai (the world of the ghosts).

The first symptom entering the makai is that you will experience something extraordinary. Entering some unexplainable wonderful world of light this sense of comfort is probably close to having ecstasy by using drugs.  Your brain is consuming an immense amount of dopamine. You use up the intracerebral hormones all at once, the amount you are supposed to be consuming in one lifetime.

You will never experience something you had in your first time again. That's because you used up all your dopamine at once. However, when you still continue to meditate, you might experience some small hallucinations though many of you wont. But if you continue this for a long time, when you become much older your intracerebral hormone will start to be out of balance from over meditating. Many meditation teachers have become manic-depressive and commit suicide.  Many of them would loose a lot of weight.

There are also notable monks in the past who lived a healthy long life. These monks had never experienced something extraordinary during their meditation. Which means they have never entered the makai.

So watch out for the teachers who claim to have had an extraordinary experience. They dont understand what that means. I notice there are many teachers in the world selling expensive mantras or some set of words, claiming that they have inherited the knowledge of meditation. When you chant these mantras and meditate, you will enter the makai. The westerners who thought kanji (Chinese characters) and Eastern teachings are cool and mystical went into the habit of meditation. It is spiritually very dangerous. I used my physic vision to look into one famous western master. He looks like a human being from the outside but from the neck to the head, he was a giant lizard. He has become a ghost spirit from the world of reptiles. The essence of the being cannot be hidden. He is selling a special mantra that is the access code to the ghost world of reptiles. It comes from another dimension and eating up humans souls. You don't know anything about it and when you keep chanting the mantra, your life will be destroyed. He is eating many souls, so he looks very young. His spirit behind rides an UFO. From my many years of experiences, it was very unusual to find out that this spirit comes from a very close dimension. And this is very dangerous.

The normal daily activity while you have your eyes opened, is the best and real meditation. The focus on using the left brain would loosen up the trap in the right brain activity.  

Simply say ikashite-itadaite arigato gozaimasu (thank you for letting us live), and live a normal life while doing your daily work. When you could really be grateful that you are led to be alive, you will start to see the truth of everything. And realize the sacredness of all.

What an interesting world we live in.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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