Friday, May 14, 2010

You represent your lineage

Many of us think that we are not good enough or luck just doesnt seem to come around. Do you know what is wrong with these thoughts? Usually, people say the negative thoughts are the problem. But I would say the problems are the fact that they are only thinking about themselves.

The unsatisfying situation happens when you are only thinking and looking at yourself. Your mother had risked her life to give birth to you. There are your ancestors that kept the lineage running for you to be here. And further beyond, there are Kami (god) who created all lives that includes you.  

Judging and denying yourself is denying all the people (ancestors) who kept the lineage running. No wonder, you dont have good luck. And no wonder you get weakness in health. 

You might say, its none of your business. It doesnt matter what I think of myself. But that is not true. Its not just about yourself. Actually, self doesnt really exist on its own. You are only one part of the whole. You are like the tip of a pencil.  You can run yourself on a blank piece of paper and draw freely. (the blank sheet of paper is the future). Behind the tip of the pencil is a long wooden piece. This part is your ancestors. And also Kami (god) is behind all. Death occurs when Kami let go of his hand. Then you are separated from your innate god. 

You are at the tip of the pencil and drawing a line as a representative of the whole. When you could think about life in this way and as long as Kami is keeping the tie, you would want to become a better person and make an effort in the best way possible.  As long as you live, you are one with Kami. Kami is supporting you from above.

But you must be careful not to ask for help to Kami. Dont ask him to draw the line for you. If you do, there will be too much weight on the pencil and it might break. Which means that you might end up dead earlier. 

Dont ask for help or guidance. When the line is drawn by yourself, even when its very thin, it will go on for a long time. Kami will always be there as a support. Any sort of healing therapies, power spot pilgrimage or asking for help would end up breaking your pencil. 

This world is created by a law of reflection. Your consciousness towards others are reflected on your tomorrow. When you realize of this law, it will bring good fortune and things will turn in a better way.

If you have hateful feelings towards someone, you are harming yourself. If you are making others happy, you are making your life fruitful. Ancestral kuyō will bring goodness in your life. It is important to think and to serve people (spirits) other than yourself. Be strong, help others and follow your self-made path while we are still in the hands of Kami.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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