Sunday, August 8, 2010

Everything will be straightened

This morning, “neck-hernia” was the word that came into my mind. As the electro-magnetic waves from the sun increases, your posture will become important. Your backbones must be adjusted and straightened.

The light pillars that can be sensed at Mt.Haku and Ise are standing straight between the earth and the heaven.  From the ancient times, when we counted the number of gods, we used to write as one pillar(柱), two pillars(柱)   for one god, two gods. The reason why the ancient people called the gods as pillars is because they were able to see the light pillars descending from the heavens.

We humans are meant to stand straight having the hara (abdomen) as the center of the body. But many of the modern day people have a very bad posture. Until now, you were able to live with bad posture but from now on, it will become a problem. As the electro-magnetic waves from the sun increases, you will start to feel discomfort and necessity to adjust your backbones.  Not only your backbones but your thought and action must be straightened out as well. Otherwise, you will create problems. So please watch out.

Until now, I thought that only religious beliefs and the mind would be corrected, but now I understand that the physical body would also experience readjustment. It is natural to think when the world changes the physical body would change as well.

I spend most of my day sitting on a chair. At my office, some days I had to be looking at the computer screen for many hours and the screen is a little higher than my line of sights. The next day, I could feel some discomfort in my arms and legs. 

When I think about what I did to have caused this discomfort, I knew it was my posture looking up a little giving stress on my neck. The nerves around the neck are very sensitive and it could influence your entire body.

You may have noticed on the statues of Buddha or any kind of Zen monks, their eyes are always looking a little lower and never higher. At school, we have always looked down towards our desk. We are not used to looking up higher than our eye line for a long time.

I often feel that the modern disease such as general malaise has a lot to do with having problems in the cervical vertebra. The symptoms of hernia on the neck would be numbness on arms and legs. It often happens on one side of ones body. It may also cause migraine, poor eyesight, and/or discomfort in the heart.

People are sleeping 1/3 of the day. If you have a stoop, low pillows may be giving stress to your back. Its better to have a large thick pillow so it starts from your shoulders and supports the entire lower back of your head. Watch your eye lines while you are working. Facing higher than your eye line for an extensive amount of time could be dangerous.

Ive asked doctors and osteopaths how to take care of ones neck. And another idea from the specialist is to role a bath towel and put it under your neck without using a pillow. The top of your head would be slightly lowered. When I look at old paintings such as an Ukiyoe, in the old days, people used very hard wooden pillows in Japan. It looks painful but it actually might be good for the neck.

People sleep average of eight hours everyday. The posture during this long sleeping period would influence our body immensely. So pillow and mattress would be so much more important than having some short treatments once in while. Everyone has different shapes and curves. Look for the right type of pillow for yourself.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around you so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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