Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ryman-style exercise for Harai

I was passionately working on my daily exercise (introduced on April-11th blog) before taking a bath.  To tell you the truth, there is one more exercise that I hadnt mentioned earlier.

First I start with my hands on my waist and stand straight. Then, I step half step forward with my knee bent and bring it back. I do the same with the other leg. As I repeat this, the steps become bigger. When you bring back your leg, try to move smoothly as much as you can. You might loose your balance in the beginning, but if you continue doing this work-out, I sense that the center of your body (the path of Shinki-神気 - divine energy) will come into balance. Once your body is in balance, the movement becomes smooth and graceful. Don't over work in the beginning. Make sure you stretch your Achilles tendon before you start. 

One night when I was working on this movement, a reijin (霊人), a spirit, who is a master of swords appeared in my psychic vision. I hadnt seen him for a while. He told me something very interesting.

He told me that as Im stepping forward, I should put my hands together and swing from top of my head downwards. Its like the Kendo (Japanese fencing) practice swinging your arms up and down but with your palms together. As I was trying the movement as he told me to do, I could hear the sound I heard at Ise Jingu. Its the sound like the flying large wasp or an overlap of several low sounds of a bowstring instruments. I hear this sound when I go to a shrine filled with Shinki -divine sacred energy.

When I completed my exercise, I felt a great purifying effect.

Along with the gratitude sending towards your ancestral spirits and Kami, if you do this work-out it will be even more effective.

*The hands that are put together can be like two center fingers pointing out or all fingers together. Do it whichever way you prefer.

*Another important point is to move your leg smoothly. Close to suri-ashi, almost sliding your leg and try to make less noise as possible as you move. Very gently put your leg on the floor.

*The knees should be in a 90degree angle when you are stepping forward. So your upper body will come low.

*As you swing down your arms, say Ehi! out loud. This will bring harai (cleansing/purify) effect.

* Bring back your body gently and smoothly.

This time when he came to me, I noticed that this reijin was a two swords master. The balance of both right and left of his body was completed perfectly. He could use both arms equally with very fine skills. He was just like Musashi Miyamoto.

He also mentioned about his regrets during his lifetime. He regret being in contact with city cultured people and new religion followers. He was a pure country boy. He said he was watching out choosing whom to get close to, but failed to make the right choices. He also mentioned about a frightening incident of some foreign religious group approaching his family but this cannot be revealed in detail.

In the Japanese Mythology, Amaterasu-Ohomikami was entrusted to keep a Shinken (神剣), the Divine Sword from Susanoo.

As you can see in the photo book I published of Ise Jingu, Izawa-no-miya is where Amaterasu-Ohomikami resides. You can see the nichirin (circle of light) of Amaterasu.

Izawa-no-miya is where she holds the sacred sword that cuts off bad/evil mind.

The *ken-barai-fuda (剣祓札) is a charm equivalent to a kami-fuda (神札).

When I receive permission from the divine, at a proper timing, I will reveal the secret of the shape of this divine sword.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around you so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

*Ken-barai-fuda 剣祓札:Direct translation is sword-purify-charm. A rare charm sold specially at The Grand Shrine of Ise (or Ise-Jingu). It is rare because it has a special kind of tree bark wrapped on the top of the wooden piece inside the charm that is the old traditional way of making a proper charm.

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