Friday, March 25, 2011

Countermeasures on radiation exposure

 1. Consumption of seaweed and soybean products.     
    According to a report on Russian Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, those who have been taking a good amount of seaweed and soybean food-products had less aftereffects from the radiation exposure.

    I suggest, people in Kanto and Tohoku area to take a good amount of seaweed, especially nekonbu (根昆布) thick tangle (one daily). Also soybean products, such as nato, soybean milk, tofu, miso soup, soysauce etc. You shouldn’t over dose the amount. Just eat them everyday in regular meals. The accumulation of iodine from these foods will help protect your body from the radiation.  Not only can this help from the nuclear power plant radiation but also from the geomagnetism. In addition, the consumption of distilled water would be best.

     The same idea was presented to me as a revelation. It said if you had been exposed to radiation, eat one (about 10x10cm/ children half size) nekonbu and soybean products along with more than 1L of distilled water everyday for one week. The body’s digestive response on the tangle and soybean products will help excrete the radiation.

    You can put the nekonbu tangle in a glass and pore distilled water. The water becomes brownish and slightly viscous. This is the iodine. I continue to drink this water all day. Once the tangle is used for a whole day, 90% of the iodine will be consumed. You can eat the remain or toss it away. If you don’t like nekonbu, any type of seaweed would be good. But nekonbu or wakame seaweeds contains iodine the most. Consult with your doctor if you have problem with your thyroid gland.

2.Consumption of warm distilled water
    If you don’t have distilled water, you can drink boiled water and throw away 20% of the bottom part. Drink more than 1L daily. I drink about 4L in body temperature. The warm water in about body temperature will also help excrete the radiation.

3. Consumption of probiotic bacteria.
   Take various types of butyric and lactic acid bacteria in pills or products such as yogurt daily. This will keep your intestine in a strong healthy environment.

4. Consumption of spring turmeric.
   Take 2~3 g daily (use search engine inside this blogsite for more information on turmeric).

4. Olive Oil
   Take unheated olive oil one big spoon in the morning and in the evening. This will maintain your stomach in a good condition.

5. Use interior air purifier equipments (plasma type is best)

6. Dry laundry inside the house.

7. Where a good mask, sunglass, hat when going outside. Do not expose your skin.

8. Wash vegetables before cooking with all natural dish washing detergent that says good for vegetables washing.

9. Hemp/linen clothes are somewhat effective as well.

At the end of our lives, we all die, but it’s important to try our best to live and take good care of ourselves and others, and to be faithful to your good will.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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Thanks for your translation work Sazareishi san!

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