Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Earthquake M.8.8

(Extractions from March 12~17th)

      Many people are still missing. My thoughts are with their soul to be at peace. I believe that those who fought to live until the last minute and died from a natural disaster will receive mercy from god and rest in peace. They will be all together in a peaceful place. So don't be too afraid of death. Those who passed away and those who still live, both of their spiritual heart are still alive. Even so, let us not forget to be thankful for letting us live, ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu. And do our best in the now moments, to honor those who had gone before us. 

     We cannot waste the deaths of the victims. We all saw the horrific power of a tsunami, right in front of us. We will never forget this devastating scene. We have learned many things from this tsunami. How powerful it is, much more than we had imagined. We must learn from the mistakes, how fast, far and high it goes, and be prepared in case of the next tsunami. Many of us will survive the next one, by learning from the victims. Their death must not be wasted.

      Looking at thousands of death, there are those who are in despair and those who try to work things out. We must honor the death and try to work it out. Just being hopeless will not console the victims. It is our responsibility to kuyō the dead by living at our best effort until the last minute.

       Todays news was showing the teachers of nursery in one of the shelter. The teachers were talking how each of the young female teachers had to carry few children and run up the hill.  They had witnessed many small children and elders getting washed away. They were screaming for help and disappearing into the water with fearing faces.  The teacher had burst into tears as she spoke of the dreadful experience.  I ruminated this scene in my mind and thought of the destination of these people who disappeared into the strong waves. The vision (destination) I saw after this devastating scene was as if I turned a revolving door. The other side was a world of total peace.

      When you did not give up your life until the last minute, a magic happens and you enter a dimension that is in absolute peace.  When you try to die with your own will, you are not able to enter this dimension.  What it comes down to is that, its all about how much you tried. We are all here to test ourselves. As long as you are working against your good will (innate god), life is dull, full of worries and confusion.  Its not about how long you live, it's more about your attitude towards living

     The magnetic energy of earth is moving down towards south from Fukushima. It has passed the Tokyo bay and now at Tokai area. I sense there is another energy coming from south Kyushu running up north. The both energies are now coming together at the Fossa Magna that is the dividing section of the chain of islands of Japan.
That is what Im sensing now. After this collision, Im sensing it will go back again to Tokyo bay.

      The turning points are March, June and September. The force is taking us compulsorily to redirect our will towards the goodness of heart. And no matter how you end, the important thing is that you tried your best until the end. This life we are experiencing is only one half of the whole. The other half is still there, life after physical death. How we can be at peace at the other half depends on how much we tried our best to live until the last minute.
      From now on, the temperature will continue to rise and fall in a large degree. We must stay in great caution throughout entire Japan.  Don't worry but trust that we will get through this by our best efforts.  

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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