Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Radiation will not affect the people with smiling faces but might do bad to the people with brooding faces.

    As I follow the news on the nuclear plant accident, there is one professor who interests me. Dr. Matsumoto, associate professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.  Looking at his career background, he must be the most reliable source compared to the other commentators. The interesting thing about him is that he doesn’t use difficult and technical terms or numbers. But instead says,

1.     1. Trust your DNA, your genes. (heritage from your ancestors)
2.     2. Your DNA is already a perfect lucky charm.
3.     3. Don’t be afraid and keep smiling, then you’ll be alright.

     What he is saying is not rubbish. There is a solid scientific basis in his statement. For a long time, his research has been about the relationship between radiation and DNA and the radiation treatments. I was very grateful to hear such statement from an elite scientist who is one of the best in the field.
     The title of today’s article was said by another radiation specialist. I think it’s the same principle as how spiritual possession happens. It’s like the law of attraction. The more afraid you are, the more you are attracting the spirits. The more you depend on gurus or occult groups you are attracting misfortune by yourself. You are the one pushing the button. You are the one giving bad influence to your DNA.

     If you are in gratitude awareness, you will attract good spirits that will protect you. The key is to be grateful that you are led to live.

     When you think about the time when Earth was born in the super ancient time, the massive amount of radiation in our earth atmosphere was nothing compared to what we are experiencing today. Yet lives were born, survived and grew from there. Our DNA holds those memories. I feel that the more you become pure and simple, the more your DNA will be able to access to those survival skills. The professor says that as long as you are not exposed to the first degree radiation which is within the nuclear plant site, you will be fine.


Let us trust our DNA (ancestral heritage) that has come all this way from the time of birth of the Earth. Don’t waste your short human life in worries. As Dr. Matsumoto says, “as long as you can be grateful to your life, there is nothing to worry about. You (DNA) can win over the radiation pollution.”

     Do your best in your action and trust you DNA. Continue to send gratitude to the gods and ancestors. Then your path will be led to a good one. Observe the situation in a calm manner.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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