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A Sci-fi story, Ubermensch and Godmensch

     I have written about the notorious Hilter few times in the past. Today, I’m going to write some more information about him. These extractions are all part of what had been exposed by his close officers’ letters and secret meetings. Most of the information are from the book written by Ben Goto “The horrifying future after 1999, what Hitler prophesied.” (in Japanese). Here are the extractions.

      “The sorting of two types of humankind will escalate further. After 1989, there will be the new smaller group, the rulers, and the rest, the very large group of those who are controlled by the rulers. The rulers will be in total control. And the mass will be totally manipulated. However, the humans are not the only kind that will escalate. The Earth and the Universe will go through a big shift. After 1989, the humans will be experiencing the biggest catastrophe from the Universe that has never occurred in human history.”  

     “The end of the 20th century may look like democratic or socialistic in the surface but in truth Nazism will be ruling from behind. Both democratic and socialistic countries will be buying weapons competitively and killing each other. The world will be exactly as I have hoped it to be, the strong rulers and the completely ruled mass. It is also a time of cataclysm. Humans will be revenged severely by the great nature. The weather will be divided into two extremes, high and low temperature, fire and ice, great floods and droughts will attack the Earth savagely.

     “Then the ubermensch (super-human) will appear. At this level of catastrophe, no ordinary people will be able to control the situation. The catastrophe will give birth to this ubermensh and they will govern/control the world, weather, the people and wars. So at the time of cataclysm, it will actually be the mass, the rulers and the ubermensch controlling the world from behind. This is my prediction of the world at the 21st century.

     “However, there are more important incidents that will occur a hundred years later. This is the reason why I have gathered you all here today to inform you about what will happen, on January 25th, 2039.  You wouldn’t understand, but at this time, people will be at the ultimate state. In January, 2039 human will disappear from this planet, at least the kind of human beings we understand today will be gone.” 

    “Gentlemen, I’m not saying that some natural disaster or wars will completely kill them. It is true that mankind will experience many disasters before then. Between 1989 and 1999, there will be many wars and catastrophes.  Except some of the fortunate and wealthy countries, many countries will starve. Some countries will collapse and burn. Some places will be poisoned with toxin and people will die from it.  After year 2000, the condition will be worsened. By 2014, one third of Europe and one third of America will be devastated. Africa and the Middle East will be completely ruined. At the end, this civilization will only leave a desert. But mankind will still survive. One part of our German Empire, the central part of America and Russia, and in spite of deep wounds, parts of Japan and China will survive. But listen gentlemen, the mankind we understand today is no longer existing at this time. In January, 2039 mankind will either evolve to something else or devolve. To be more precise, one part of the survivors will evolve closer to god. They will become god like beings. I think we can call then godmensch. The rest will devolve and become like machines. They will become totally passive and controlled like a robot. They work and play only in response to the orders. The climate and environment changes, politics, entertainments and diet will create mutation and massive amount of robot like humans will be born. The godmensch is also a mutation. But instead of becoming a robot like beings, something is added to the brain and evolve to the other direction. The ubermensch is one step before becoming a godmensch, thus many of the ubermensch has the potential to become a godmensch. In any case, ubermensch will still have the intelligence and talent few levels higher the human existing today. They will unite and rule this planet. The godmensch will have extraordinary skills and power to solve all kind of crisis rapidly.

     ”The catastrophe is not yet over, especially for the mankind. Humans are now moving towards the next step standing at the new gateway. New type of species is just starting to show its outline. These species will eventually evolve to the ubermensch.  He and she are almost completed. It happened completely in a natural mutation. ” “And great catastrophe will occur in the near future. And the savior is not Jesus Christ. There will be others. The mankind will be saved by the super mankind. They will create a new world and not exactly a new religion, but some type of new life-style.” (this part, my words are added)

     In addition to this, the close member officers of Hitler had given observations such as:
1.    He had a completely different personality when he was wearing his uniform and when he was in his normal clothes. It was as if he was two different person.
2.    At nights, he would say, “He is coming” and shivering with fear. When the convulsion becomes severe, he said ”He has come” and locks himself in a private room.
3.    When he came out of the room, he had bloodshot eyes, talking extremely fast as he walks. He was talking about the enemies and their war strategies. Later found out that it was all true.  Later Hitler doesn’t remember anything he said, so the subordinates had to struggle trying to shorthand his fast-talking predictions.

     I sense that Hitler was completely possessed by a spirit. The spirit that possessed him was, in my vision, a black demonic creature with a head like a cow and body that was sort of a mixture of human and cow. Very ancient creature. I can see it in a sitting position with its knees on the ground. This creature has evoked many civilizations. It was the one who made people give infants as sacrifice offerings. At the highest of his golden days, Hitler was strangely very popular amongst small children. This is an ironical truth that is connected with the demonic spirit’s past event. This is a famous episode. No matter how bad the child is crying, once Hitler picks him up, the child would stop crying immediately. In the later days, the demon stops visiting Hitler. And without predictions, his strategies had failed leading to an ebb. Thus the predictions he made toward the end of his time, I sense that the dates and contents are mistaken.

     But I do understand what he was trying to say. This nuclear power plant accident affect we are experiencing now is part of the human evolution.

    Monju  (Japanese fast breeder reactor, located in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture) is also a part of it. The meaning of monju comes from Buddhism “wisdom and intellect.”  I see this as “a new type of genius will come out from this environment catastrophe”.

The famous novelist, Yukio Mishima had read the original German documents about Hitler’s speech. Mishima was influenced immensely by Hitler’s predictions and decided to honor the Imperial Family in belief that it was the best thing to do for the people.

     I can hear that the black demonic creature used to call Hitler, “healer” in ancient Latin.

     All fee-charging so called healers and religious therapists would eventually disappear into the dark. Those who are receiving treatments from these people are also contaminated. Fee-charging religious lecturers are also not good.  If you participate in those gathering, you will be contaminated. All occultic groups will vanish. Hifumi-norito groups are also connected to evil spirits.

     We will all be divided into groups. Those who remain healthy, and those who are severely sick or weak in health but survive, and those who dies from environment contamination.
     The selection is made by yourself with your own probiotic bacteria. People who are awakened to gratitude will increase their good bacteria. It is important to be in gratitude about the fact that you are led to live and to those who created you (ancestors = DNA).  If your good will is in manifestation there is nothing to worry about. Simply look forward to the new world. You will not be affected by the contamination. Even the elders will start to look younger.

     In my psychic brain, I see great evolution in our DNA and revolutionary invention that will change our future into a bright one.

     According to my revelation, the key is to light three incenses for ancestral kuyō in order to evoke your third strand of your DNA. I am awed by this simple enforcement from the fearing gods will.  

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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