Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evolving to the third new energy

     At a Shinto shrine for important ceremonies, a black and white stripe hanging is put up around the building facing the sando (an approach to the shrine) path. Often we see the black and white stripes in funerals at Japanese Buddhist temples, and Japanese dont have a good impression about this color combination. But in fact, it represents the Ying and the Yang, and not an unlucky color. By having two polar energies, the third new energy seems to emerge. 

     The hanging is also called the kujira-maku. Kujira is whale. Maku is curtain. It is named from the color of the body of a whale or because the skin is black and the meat is white. In ancient Japan, white was the traditional color in Shinto ceremonies. But black and white was also used in the hangings both in funerals and celebrations. The Imperial Family uses it as well in both occasions. 
(from Wikipedia)

     Strangely enough, the world cannot evolve with white and white or black and black. We need the two polar to make things happen. That's why we have male and female. The sexual genitals are also in polarity 凹凸.  So often, I see a married couple in reciprocal characters. The more they are contradictive the more I see fate. (laugh) Im not saying that you should fight with your wife/husband. Maybe, the more contradictive the couple (+-) is the more chances to have a child (the third new energy)  and the less contradictive couple (++) the less chance to have a child? This might be an interesting topic to do a research. Those who cannot find a partner maybe looking for someone too much like one self. You might have set up which level you are and looking for someone in the same level.

     When you look at a life from the Ying and Yang point of view, if life is difficult now then life will get better later. Physically speaking, its impossible to have the minus time go on forever. While youre in the time of the minus,  you struggle trying to enter the time of plus. Without the struggle (starting of the + energy), you wont get to the third part (emerge of the new). So just because you are in the time of minus, if you just stay there and wait until something is going to happen, nothing is going to happen. The more effort you make (+ energy), the bigger changes will come. 

   Ask yourself, am I avoiding to face something? If you feel like you have no idea what to do, do the ancestral kuyō with three incenses, simply do your best in the work that you are offered to do and care of the people around you. When you care for others, the energy will always come back to you one way or another. People who give you a hard time, might be just saving your life by pushing you to give birth to the third new energy.

     As long as you live, life is full of surprises and potentials. Even if you are suffering from a fatal illness, dont stop trying to live. From the efforts you make (+ energy), there will always be an enlightenment to the third perception that will lead you to eternity. Once you enter the dimension of eternity, you will look back and only see love and appreciation. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

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