Friday, June 3, 2011

June 6th is Tango Festival

     Today I will write another fictional story that came into my mind. June 6th (Monday) is the Tango Festival in Japanese lunar calendar. The modern Tango Festival is May 5th, a holiday so called the Boy’s Day to celebrate the boys to grow up with good health. I looked up the original meaning of Tango(端午)  . This particular Chinese letter (tan) means the beginning of things. <(go) is noon, the middle of time> So what is going to start? 

     Warning within Japan for earthquake is still active but I also have deep concern about the other countries at this time. The shape of Japan is a dragon figure. It is where the god who created the five large continents in the beginning of time is sleeping. What happened here at the land of the original dragon is a sign of a beginning of what will happen to the world.

     In other words, what Japan goes through, the other countries with experience similar situations as a reflection. 1. Giant earthquake.  2. Tsunami disaster.  3. Nuclear radiation disaster. 4. Economy crisis. Every month, deficits on the trading business are increasing. This is going to become a serious crisis.


I feel that 1~4 including volcanic activity might start happening all over the world. But there is always the law of reverse between one world and another.  So starting around the 6th of June, I’m sensing that it will start to happen from No.4.  The deficit in the trading business in Japan will obviously reflect in other countries due to the JPY currency exchange rate. National defts, stock market fluctuation… financial crisis is already happening all over the world.  Serious natural disasters will start to happen around this time as well all over the world.

      It started from the Far East, from the land of the rising sun. Japan was the first place to happen, in order to show the world how it can be recovered overcoming the greatest crisis. We will have to become the good model. Future is still uncertain and unfixed. We should become the Noah’s ark. The disaster prevention tasks including protection towards nuclear power, water and food purification methods are forced to be the primary mission for our government. These fields of study will escalate rapidly.  Kanazawa University has already publicized a method to purify nuclear polluted water that is a hundred times more powerful than the one in France. Many scientists are now making all their efforts to find new advanced methods try to save the radiation problem. Everything happens for a reason and no experiences will go to waste. We shall become the world’s safest place to live.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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Murray said...

Temporarily setting aside your content, I'd like to compliment your translator for their dedicated work. Without the translation, none of your ideas could be read by all the international readers.

Let's choose Sunday, June 5th as the day to celebrate the translator's hard work.

Why not feature the translator in a future piece to explain a little about them?