Friday, November 11, 2011

Enjoy all process of life

    If you think your life is hard that is a false thought. It’s actually a precious experience. It’s because time will pass and things will eventually change and come to an end. When you look back in the later days, you’ll know that those days were most valuable and be thankful you had the experience. You’ll see that your soul was glowing in those days.
     I came into this life with memories and consciousness from the life before birth. I also have memories from 0 yrs old. When my family talk about the old days, the details about the home we use to live in, I’m always the one who remember the most. My parents often told me that they were worried about me because I didn’t learn any Japanese until age 3. I was speaking some foreign language that they couldn’t understand. It sounded a little like Hindi, they said. I still remember those days, how irritating it was. I was trying very hard to resonate with Japanese but the words that come out from my mouth was from my past life. I was left-handed at birth, but was forced to correct using the right hand before entering elementary school. Around that time, my language from the past life started to disappear from my memory.
      From the time I was a baby, just gazing the things around me, until now with my middle age body, my heart remains the same. The core is still the same, no development and no decay.  It has some filth from the outside knowledge of today but the eyes of the heart remains unchangeable and definite.
     After the death of this lifetime, my ego is lost and my heart will still remain the same. I know it because I remember my heart still remains the same from my past lives. It is the same with you. Your memory is blocked. That's all. Once you leave this plane, you will remember.

    Your heart is a never changing place. It is a sacred invariable part of you. So try to see things from this sacred place. Try to observe the hardships in a calm peaceful manner. 
No matter how painful it feels, the core part of your heart never wounds. It’s only your ego that is hurt. So don't worry. Simply watch it passing through. In the later days, it will all become a good memory. 
There is always an end to everything.
      This dimension we live in, the time is short and there is a beginning and an end.  The life after death is sort of boring because the time stops and no diversity, nothing new happens.  All the sufferings, sorrows, excitements can only occur in this limited time frame. It’s a gift from god.  Let’s praise the experiences and devote to it! 

    The most important thing to remember is that “No matter how painful it feels, the core part of your heart never wounds. It’s only your ego that is hurt. ”
     Before you came into this world, you all decided, this time I’m going to succeed in letting go of my ego. When you are on the other side, you know you are stuck with your ego from the previous life. You realize that you have limited yourself from freedom. You are stuck in a certain dimension where all the people who had the same ego come together. Some people called that place a hell (from now on, this system too will change).
     There is no one to judge you where to go. By a gravitational pull, you naturally gather together with those who have the same type of ego residue. This is absolutely the at most fair treatment. This world of reality that we live in is the only place where all kinds of souls have a chance to gather. That's why it’s so valuable.
    There is the goodness, the positive part exists in all human beings once the ego part has been removed.  One part of you is the ego part. This part will change all the time. And humans make efforts to change it for the better. Efforts are necessary on this part. The other part of you is the true-self.  This part is perpetual and unchangeable. So in a deeper sense, you are who you are and you don’t have to try to be someone else. This part doesn’t have to be changed. Therefore the effort is unnecessary on this part. It’s important to acknowledge there is two parts in you. And  to figure out the true essence of self and the ego part. We were determined to let go of our egos this time. We told ourselves, “this time I’m really gonna make it.”  So all the hardships you are experiencing today, is for the training for you created by yourself in order to lessen the ego part of self. It’s a chance for you to grow.
     Observe the matters in a calm manner as if you are a god. And enjoy the hardships! It’s all for the better. Once you are able to enjoy everything, the fog will be cleared. And another fog might come around later in your life. But the physical body is going to disappear at some point anyways. So know that there is nothing to worry about. There will always be an end to all matters.

     Once you learn how to enjoy every moment of your life, then you have succeeded.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu 
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

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