Thursday, November 3, 2011

There are no mistakes

  The biggest problem many people have is that they cannot believe in themselves. That's why they worry about what others might be thinking. Somewhere in your heart, you feel that you are not good enough. That's why you always carry anxiety and fear for making a mistake or failing.

   But if you could strongly look at your life from a point of gratitude for being alive, you will realize that there are no mistakes. Even mistakes are merely an experience. And experiences can only be experienced because you are alive.

  Imagine if your doctor told you that you have to spend the rest of your life in the hospital. You will probably envy a friend who talks about a heartbroken relationship that she just experienced. Whether it’s sad or happy, it’s all an experience. And you would wish you could experience any of it.

   When you look at life from a point of life&death, you will know that every moment has its own shinning light.

   Lets imagine a little more. A mother and child get into an argument. Sometimes you might hate the child so much you wish they would just disappear. But the experience can only exist because you have a child. For those who couldn’t have a child, this problem is an envious one. If you knew your child might die tomorrow, you probably wouldn’t have fought with him/her. You might be tired of looking after your parent and wish you can sever the relationship. Even those stresses will be a good memory when you become your parent’s age. Your problems at work would be an envious thing for those who lost their job. Everything happens in a limited time frame. It will always end at one point. And every problem exists because you are alive.

    You might be experiencing extreme hardship and you wish you are dead. But you also have to realize that you had chosen to be born to experience the hardship. You knew that you needed to experience it in order to grow as a soul/spirit.

   There is no change, no experience in the life after the physical death. So in this limited time, experience as much as you can. Know that you wanted all the challenges and you had chosen this life. And you are still in the process of experiencing the challenge. No matter how miserable it seems, don’t forget your innate god is watching you and experiencing it together.  As long as you are doing your best, there is no mistake, no failure.  As long as you are alive, there is still a chance for you to grow. So don't worry too much and just do your best to try and keep your light shinning.

    When you were a spirit without the physical body, you wanted to come to this world to challenge again. Those souls who thought they could handle a lot in one lifetime, gave themselves many hardships in order to achieve a greater growth. 

But once he was born, he had forgotten about his plan and becomes overwhelming. He doesn’t remember that he planted the seeds himself, and he thinks he is unlucky or ill-fated. He also compares his life with others and feels sorry for himself.

   Don’t try to run away from your problem. 1. Know that the challenge is for your own growth. 2. Know that your good will is tested. 3. Know that your soul is watching how well you are able to deal with the situation.

 Don’t run away from your problems but you can avoid unnecessary troubles. Use your brain wisely.
   There is also a misunderstanding in the ancestral kuyō. Don’t put up an incense because you are suffering and in need of help. It has to come from your genuine caring thoughts. When the energy of your kindness is emanated, the energy is reflected back to you. But it has to be an honest pure minded act. In other words, you created your own luck. Everything that happens in your life is created by yourself. The cycle of energy does not end in one lifetime. It continues to come around even in the life after death. The good will would become the most precious treasure. So stay positive and just do what you can. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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