Monday, February 13, 2012

Nothing is wasted

      Many people are having a hard time taking care of their aged parent(s).  Whether he’s your family or not, it’s always a very good thing to help another soul. The experience is a treasure that cannot be bought by money. Don’t be troubled by it. This would be the greatest chance to heighten your spirituality.  It’s a great chance for your innate god to grow bigger. And the grown light within you will save yourself one day when really need it. Just do what you can upon your good will. Even if you aren’t able to actually nurse your aged parent because of work or other situations, the fact that you think about them, and try to help in the best way possible will matter. That energy of your thoughts through your good will would matter.

     There is a law of the circle. What you do always comes back to you. So if you didn’t take care of your parent, you will be alone having no one to take care of you at the end of your life too?  Well it’s not that simple. But every act and thoughts will eventually come back to you one way or another. In other words, even if you couldn’t help take care of your parent, if you had done good to others, your deed would be offset.  Not only the actions but also your thoughts would count as well.  Thoughts of kindness, gratitude, forgiveness will help reduce the affect from bad karma. 

     Every action and thoughts matters. In this world, nothing goes to waste.  The air is like a magnetic tape that records everything. Even the modern science cannot understand the efficiency of this amazing thing called “air.” It records all the visuals, sounds, scents, thoughts….  It saves everything perfectly. After taking action upon your good will, the second best way to offset your bad karma is to send gratitude to your ancestors on a daily bases. This is really powerful. It could also open up your future.

    Even if you weren’t able to support your parents while they were alive, it’s still not too late. You could light an incense and send your gratitude to him/her. It will make a big difference. In the life after death, receiving gratitude from one’s own descendent is a great value. It is taken as a great virtue. This act of sending gratitude to one’s ancestors, the result cannot be proved. But even without any proof, if you still had the hearts to be caring and kind to the deceased, you would look like a Miroku from the other side of the world. 

    The Days of Miroku will come when many people become a Miroku on this earth.  These people will save this planet and all of our DNA (ancestors of all creature).  That time is about to come.

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Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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