Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once in 5000 years turning point

   In Japan, we have 節分(setsubun) in early February.

   Setsubun means the turning point. We have it four times a year as we call them the first day of spring(立春), summer(立夏), autumn(立秋) and winter(立冬).  We have four beginnings in one year. And they are also called the four seasons. Seasons are about the great nature. The great nature = god(kami). 

    Each of the kanji of the word 節分(setsubun) means - knot, burl, joint, – divide, separate, split. This means that in Japan, we have four resets in a year. This spring, it is predicted that more than half of the large corporation’s will announce a great amount of debt. In foreign affairs, natural phenomenon, epidemic, public order, food supply, economy, politics… we will be experiencing a big shift that we have never experienced before.

    In order to overcome this crisis, we will have to strongly focus on keeping our mind in peace. I have been telling this over and over again. But it will become seriously critical at this point. If you focus your mind to the problems happening around you or keep comparing with others, you will suffer and experience difficulty.

    Since the end of last year, we are experiencing record breaking snowfall. There is a god named Kimon-konjin (鬼門金神) who lives in the North East area of Japan. 
 It is said that when he wakes up and becomes active that year will have great amount of snowfall.

     The year with very heavy snowfall is when the gods are being active. One of the characteristics of such year is that some distinctive souls with important missions descend. While so many depressive news are going around, we can have great hopes for the children to be born this year. They will have great potentials for inventions and reforming the society in order to save the world. No matter how hard your finances are, if you become pregnant, I highly recommend you to have the child.

      In Japan, the future government will invest more on childcare and human resources rather than in the battle of economy. Things will become more flexible in many ways. Don’t fall into the traditions, the old ways where everything was formatted.
    The same thing can be said
 with the ancestral kuyō. You don’t have to follow the traditional style any longer. Simply keep your ancestors in your mind, in your daily thoughts.  By the caring thoughts (=electro-magnetic energy) for them, your DNA will be merged and aligned with your ancestral spiritual force that would lead to the ultimate god who created everything.

    In truth, as long as you live, you are actually experiencing everything together with all of your ancestors.  So don’t be afraid. All you need to do is to act upon your good will. 
Eventually we will all return to our ancestors and to god. Lets have good hopes for the future.

    This year, I sense that February 4th is the turning point looking from a spiritual point. We will continue to have turning points through out our lives, many mountains to climb. Stay brave and continue to climb over.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Anonymous said...

Hi Sazareishi,
Once again thankyou for translating this blog.
I think the word cooperation...should be corperation in the last blog.



Sazareishi said...

Thank you Ross for reading as always. and your check-up is appreciated. I looked up in the dictionary and it's corporation, right? : )