Saturday, March 10, 2012

The precious freedom

      Looking at the astronomical activities, the gravity instable period is March 8th to 12th. When we pass this period safely, the next instable period would be March 18th to 22nd(new moon). I imagine the gravity is very unstable especially on the 21st, the day before the new moon.

     God has created a gravity-generating device called the Moon. The Moon affects the Earth in a monthly cycle. And the gravitational pull gives us instability. The gravitational gap has cultivated and helped evolve all lives on our planet. The gravity effect from the moon is powerful and in a great scale as we see it in the ocean and rivers. The gap (gravity changes) is a divine power, a great stimulation for the lives in the great nature. 

      Many people believed in astrology for centuries. But it no longer works to see personal future/destiny from now on. It has to do with the human’s attachment to the physical body shifting to the spirit (heart) body.  The human’s are starting to act more for the good will rather than material reasons. The physical satisfaction is not enough anymore. It brings more thirst in the heart. We are more in need to fulfill our heart through the act of good will.

  The old humans were trapped in a destiny dependent to the outer source (gravity from the Moon). We will still have the gravity effects. But the new humans, those who act upon his good will, will be different. If you are already older in age, it doesn’t matter. As long as you live upon your good will, you are already the new type of humans. And the new human’s destiny is not dependent on the outer source.

       The concept of the law of entropy tells us that when the human population increases the great nature and natural resources decreases.  As a whole, from a large perspective, nothing has changed. It’s just the details of the content has changed but the total mass energy is the same. Buddha talked about “nothing increases or decreases.” I think it comes from the same understanding. Humans are a condensed energy of the great nature.

        Looking from the point as a great purpose, the great nature has decreased (sacrificed) not to be replaced by human bodies but to be replaced by the human heart, hopefully with a greater content. We have great responsibilities. Many animals, creatures and the great nature have sacrificed its lives for us. The great purpose of our lives is to come to a realization to this fact and act as a representative of the Earth. And be thankful to this whole grand nature and planet.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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