Sunday, March 4, 2012

See all situations with love

     Can one person really attain spiritual growth alone? One fact is that we already have the perfect being (innate god) inside of us. So it's really not about growing but to reconnect or to awaken to the true-self. But can we do it alone? I think we couldn’t.

     When we want to see ourselves, we need a mirror (others).  Even Buddha was not able to reach enlightenment through all the hard practices and meditations. I think this is a big message to all humans. Buddha did some extreme meditations to challenge the physical limitations. At the end, he was so weakened he almost died. But at this moment, Sujahta comes along carrying the heavy cow milk. She sees Buddha under the tree wearing a rag and looking very weak. She first passed by. But on second thought she returned to him and gave him some milk porridge. Why did she return?  It was her compassionate heart (mercy, love) that made her do so. And through her kindness and love, he was enlightened. He had forgotten about compassion and kind, caring love. He had abandoned his own family and went to search for an answer on his own. But after all the hard practices, he was enlightened through one act of kindness from another person.  So was all the tough meditation meaningless? No. He had to experience it all in order to come to this realization.

1.    You act and struggle for yourself, for your success, for enlightenment, for something..
2.    This bring suffering and hardships and your ego grows. Even if you had reached some success, you are still unsatisfied and carry anxiety.
3.    At the end, you finally awaken to the love within through being touched by compassion and love from others.

     This is one typical pattern. What I sense is that the ultimate existence wanted to see his own figure. In order to see himself, he had to divide his own energy into billions. This is how humans were created. It is written in the Bible and in the Kojiki.  We are part of the process of the creation. Out of the seven billion people, encountering someone you don’t like, there is a strong fate. The members of your own family is a very strong fate.

    Observe people in a calm manner. Then you are able to relate to yourself. Try to see others with compassion. The loving energy will always return to you and change you. It will make things melt and dissolve.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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