Thursday, June 7, 2012

The baptism - Christ consciousness

Extraction from June 4th, 2012  Sankei News
An extraordinary solar phenomenon is occurring. The Japanese satellite has discovered that the solar activity is slowing down and the magnetic field and sunspot’s changing cycle is totally different from what is commonly viewed. This phenomenon is very similar to what happened on Earth around 17~18th Century.  Some scientists are claiming that the Earth is going into a cold phase. What is happening to the sun?  “The mysterious four-pole structure” – One of the specialist of the research team of RIKEN, Daikou Shioda says “Normally the positive and the negative pole exists in a pair. Currently both the north and the south poles are positive. And two negative poles seemed to have appeared somewhere near the equator. This is a rare phenomenon with four-pole structure.  ”  Why this has happened is a total mystery. How will this influence our planet Earth?  ….
     As I have mentioned in my past article, the solar activity’s peak was predicted to reach around May, 2013. However, now the researchers result from the observation is indicating that the solar activity might have already reached its peak around April of this year. And the solar cycle is entering a down phase. One of the results from the observation is this four-pole structure.
     Since five years ago, I have been writing about the sunspots’ activity. Now we are finally reaching to a point where some real change of action is observed. From now on, the standard four seasons are ignored and the temperature will fluctuate daily. In a period of one month, there will be a mixture of very cold and very hot days.
    I sense that this four-pole structure in the sun is creating four spiral blocks and if we could see the center meeting point of those four spirals, there will be a cross. This reminds me of the super vision I had at The Grand Shrine of Ise in May, 2007. I witnessed the symbolic cross of the sun above Izawa-no-miya shrine.
    This is what I had wrote on July 10th, 2008. “As I write this blog, I am reminded of the visit to Ise in May of last year. When I paid a visit to Izawa-no-miya shrine, I had witnessed a cross inside the sun through my super vision. In that moment I felt that we will see an actual cross in the sun in few years from now. The sunspot may be lining up to create a cross. When this happens, the electro-magnetic waves that occurs from this phenomenon may force humans to cast-off, to break-out from the old mold and renew themselves.
    When the sunspot appears in a cross shape during this down phase (smaller numbers of sunspots), the fluctuation may create a turbulence. Nowadays, it is quite common to see over 100 sunspots daily. However, if this happens during the phase where there are only around ten sunspots, this may create a big influence on Earth and to humans. This reminds me of the extinction of the dinosaurs in the super ancient times. It happened in a second by the giant solar flare baptism.

    Many of the modern scientists are claiming that the fall of a giant meteorite is the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. According to my reading, it is different. All creatures in the deep ocean through out the world died as well. This is contradicting. Eventually, when the science progress, they will find out the truth.

    Our DNA has experienced baptism from the solar electro-magnetic energy many times. I believe this will be the seventh time. And I believe, this time will be special. We will be able to live through the experience. This is the symbol, the cross that the Christ had left for us. When we see the cross in the sun, it is time. We will evolve.

    In order to live through this baptism, we need to act on the Christ consciousness of forgiving. When we have the hearts to forgive, we are able to survive. The world is now at a turbulence where many have the hearts to attack. We will be forgiven by the gods if we remember the hearts of forgiving.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live


Kazu said...

Hi! I'm one of a Japanese readers of Ise-HakuSun-Do. I found you translate not Mt.Hakusan but Haku-Sun. I think it's a good idea^^ I wonder how many foreign visitors come to this English site everyday.

By the way, may I ask you a question?

At the end of this article, there is a sentence:
"The hearts of forgiving is the key to calm this energy and bring it into peace."

Why did you translate the above sentence into like this? The original Japanese site says that "今の人類が「許す心」を思い出せば、人類は神様から「許される」と感じます。"
Is it mean "we will be forgiven by the God if we remember the hearts of forgiving"?
But I'm just a English learner, not like a professional like you, so there must be some reasons, aren't there? I'm not sure but maybe it's a problem of difference of sense between the Japanese and foreigners?

It looks like that you translate the original articles relatively freely. I'm interested in such points because I'm interested in translation works.

Sazareishi said...

Thanks for your comment. I would appreciate where you found Mt.Hakusan so I could correct the typo.

Sazareishi said...

I have changed the last part of this article to your translation. That is more the direct translation. Thank you. Sometimes, my personal preference takes over... I think it basically means the same thing in a bigger picture and I still use the words he often uses. But its better to stick with the direct translation. It's good that someone points out for me once in a while.

Kazu said...

Thank you for your reply. I hope I'm not bothering your work.

>I think it basically means the same thing in a bigger picture
Yes, I felt like you, too. Maybe I'm too nervous...I think you don't have to count my opinion too much.

When I found the word "HakuSun" used at the top of this site, I thought it was your twist of ingenuity. (You must put double meaning there, 山 and the sun) but was that just a missspelling? Or are you referring to another point which I don't even perceive?

Sazareishi said...

That was his (Ry-man's) choice. I assume he wanted to play with words... yes having Sun in there.