Friday, June 15, 2012

Create more good core points in your life

     This graphic figure is made by Kumagusu Minakata. It is a Kumagusu mandala explaining the nature about this earthly dimension and the universe. The character イ・ロ・ハ・ニ・・・with circles are what he calls “suiten”.  It’s a point where the karmic flow gathers. It’s inter-connecting with each other in all perspectives.

     When I look at this graphics, it links to our daily lives. I can see that we always have these gathering points, the core in our everyday lives. If we try to see the whole that are going on everyday it is blurred. But when we focus on the important things one by one (family, work, hobby, friendship, housing, food, sex, age, illness, death) in a calm manner, we start to see the “suiten” the inter-connected points. The big connections and the small connections, it’s all there.

      Kumagusu thought that the fastest way to understand the whole is to recognize these “suiten” points.  We are all unconsciously creating these “suiten” points everyday. For example, there is this man who complains a lot at work. Then a “suiten” point of unsatisfactory is created in his structure. This unsatisfactory point will start to link to his other “suiten” points (related to family, money, health…etc.) and feed these other points with unsatisfied energy. The result is that he will start to have more unsatisfied experiences in his other parts of life as well. This concept can also influence his cells and bacteria in his body.

     As you can see in these figures, there are several core points to create a structure (our life or an universe). The problem is the point “” in the top figure of Kumagusu mandala.   The “” point is an outside influence that I understand as the collective human consciousness. Currently, with my inner-vision this point  “”, the collective human consciousness, is showing a huge growth. It has grown as big as the other “suiten” points. It looks the same like this ◯◯. From now on, these circles will start to become a double, lying on top of one another like this ◎.  A revelation tells me when the points become ◎, this earthly dimension will show great evolution.  And when this happens, all kinds of problems will disappear from this world. I am very much looking forward to this new era.

     Think about the “suiten” points in your life. Try to calmly see the bigger picture through these inter-connected points. It will help you to loosen up and letting go of attachments.  And once again, it is most important to have the “suiten” points of gratitude. Being thankful to your ancestors and to your innate god (your good will). This energy will influence your other core points in the best way. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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Avery said...

This "suiten" connection points remind me of the "iyashirochi" described in the Katakamuna documents. I wonder where I can learn more about this.