Thursday, January 29, 2015

After we die, we will experience the opponent's feelings

Everyday, we are hearing news that are filled with heartaches.
When we hear about these terrible news, we wonder whether the bad guys would ever be captured, or would they receive adequate punishment? 
When we see some bad guys in the neighborhood just living carefree looking like nothing to worry about, we wonder if god really exist? 

In companies and schools, there are those who bully others and still enjoying life. There are so many unfair and unjust matters happening in this world.

But when I see or hear about these matters, I always remember about the time when I was born in my past lives and the time of death in each of those lives. 
Especially in the moment I died, the memories of my whole one lifetime of the followings came back to me in an instant.
* All the feelings I created on others.
* All the feelings the people around me experienced
* All the feelings when I switched body and took over their position.

In these last few seconds when these memories are coming back, my body that is about to die emanates a blue light from the inside. I 
even remember the last moment being wrapped around by this blue light. And inside my brian a candle light kind of light becomes big right before it burns off. 
For every lifetime, I remember these experiences. It happens in the same way. So in this lifetime, it will be the same. At the very last few seconds, I will experience and understand my opponents feelings.
When you know this, you might be able to feel at ease, because no one can get away from what they did. The bad guys will experience all the horror they did to others. The more bad deeds one has caused, the more he will suffer in the life after death. He will regret so much and will receive punishment by himself. The dimension of that sort still exists. But in that dimension, it's different from this physical dimension. There is no body and only images, thoughts and emotions exists. Therefore, one will experience it ten times more of what one did to others in the previous life.

And without exception, what we all think in the last few seconds before we die are:

* I should have done more to help others.
* I wanted to do more to make others happy.
* I should have been more grateful to my ancestors.
* I should have faced more seriously about the existence of god and send gratitude. 

You would regret about these things in these last few seconds.

The reason why I could work so hard without hardly any sleep is because I remember these memories from my past lives. 

When I think about those last few seconds before death, I feel like:

* I can do more.
* I want to do more for others.
* I want to help others in the best way I can.

I honestly feel like this. And I know at the end, I will be naked and have nothing with me to take to the life after-death but my thoughts and feelings.

So I want to say, follow your conscience and live joyfully.

The feelings you've created towards others will most definitely come back to you later. The things you did to others will also come back to you in another form. 

Live your short life to the fullest. 

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
 Thank you for letting us live

original Japanese blog written 28-Jan-2015

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