Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Where is my focal point?" This will determine the direction of your life

Whether it is Shinto, Buddism, ancestor worship.. or any other religions in the world, it is all merely a little window (a method) to bring your focus into a clear vision/idea to where you want to go in life.  

shrine or a temple is a place to find out what is really important to yourself through your spirituality. I believe all religion of the world is designed for that purpose and it has been the traditional method for the local area. The original purpose of a religion or a belief system was for the people to find out about the innate "great being (universe)." 

However, today, the focal point has changed. Instead of focusing on your most important Innate God (conscience) who resides inside your heart, many people seem to believe that the god outside of self, to worship another being, is the most important thing.  

If we continue to do this, even having faith to the god outside of self for 2000 years, nothing will change, It's because our focal point is not on the right focus. It is a wrong focus. 

During the ancient times, a Shinto shrine always had a mountain behind as a godly body. It means that we need to put our hands together to celebrate the great nature (mother earth) and to send our gratitude for its existence. We have been doing this as a sacred ritual for thousands of years. And through this daily action of facing mother earth, we start to naturally feel and understand that we ourselves are part of nature. 

Understanding that the ultimate way is to see a god inside your own heart is the fastest way to find the best focal point and find your direction in life. 

By doing so, you won't have to go through doing wrong deeds such as group (collective) action (behavior), wasting money and time, neglect your family. And you will have more potential to become one (kannagara) with the ultimate divine. 

Being in kannagara, one's life will change drastically. Everything will start to flow naturally. 

It is possible to be awakened to the truth about the Great Being inside of self through any religion. It can be Shinto, Buddhism, Muslim, Christian.. anything. However, you must understand that the ultimate god in that religion resides inside of self. Without that focal point, the religion is meaningless. 
Having said that, you don't really need a religion. As long as you believe or can feel that the god exist inside your heart, the gateway doesn't have to be a religion. It could be an occupation, an academic path, through sports, through raising a child or taking care of the elders. It could be anything. But you will need to be frightfully serious and commit/devote to that path and action as if you see one side of the ultimate god in the work. 

This means even through doing a business, you are able reach a certain enlightenment. It's possible to be awakened and become rich at the same time, becoming a successor in a true sense both in this physical world and in the other spiritual world. Through the work that you do, you will honor the Innate God within yourself as well as others. Express the divinity, the godliness through your life, your action and your aspiration. When you live your life in such way, you would look like you are glowing in other's eyes. 

The way to reveal god in this world is through your action and how you live your life. You must know that god will appear only through the action of human behavior within an ordinary life. One must not believe that god will descend from heaven appearing like an E.T.. When it really happens to you, it is not a real god. It could be an E.T. in disguise. Even the E.T.s were "born" from something. 

Bring out the god from within. It happens only through your actions in your daily life. That is what kannagara is, becoming one with god and live in oneness. 

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
 Thank you for letting us live

                                                                                                                                             original Japanese blog written 29-Jan-2015

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