Friday, February 6, 2015

A new beginning - Revelation from God of Amatsu

This is another revelation deriving from God of Amatsu (Ama-no-hitsugu) which started from October, 2014. (Please read article of Dec.25.2014 for more detail)

Today (Feb,3) is setsubun (節分)。It is the new year's day in the old traditional sense. For the World of gods, it is the new year's eve. Tomorrow is risshun (立春), the first day of spring. And it will be the new year's day for the World of gods. 

This is one turning point looking from the orbiting path of the sun. But it is a good time to change your old pattern. It's a good time to make a new vow and tell yourself, "I am going quit OOOO from today," or "I am going to start OOOO from today."  The new energy waves coming from the sun will help support your decision.

Many of you must have seen dreams of the people who have passed away. And the interesting point is that you actually recognize that the person is already dead even in the dream. This year, the setsubun is a big turning point for the World of spirits. Today is sort of a blank day in the World of spirits. And from tomorrow, a new world will start with a new karma reflecting to the world.  

This morning, God of Amatsu has told me;

"Be cautious for the people who would use the name of a Muslim religious group and create bad deeds in Japan. The true identity of this organization has nothing to do with the religion."

This means that the immigration department must be watchful for all possibilities and not just the Muslim related people. I am sensing that the Muslim related terrorists will not come to Japan. And it can be said the same in other parts of the world. But plans do exist and I am predicting that it will be blocked.  

Also "this year, be cautious for The Pied Piper of Hamelin."

This is one of the stories written by the German Grimm brothers. The story is about a man who plays a flute and gathers all the children of the village and disappears with them. I am not sure if this revelation is talking about some kind of epidemic, brainwashing or abduction. But in any case, we must be cautious. 

Another revelation is, "The earth will move."

It is another warning about earthquakes. We must always prepare for a big earthquake and make plans and have things ready. This is not only in Japan but throughout the world. In the recent past, the earthquake has been occurring closer to the equator and running up towards the north pole. However, this year, I sense that the earthquake will occur around the equator and will come to the northern hemisphere where people are actually making a living. The cause of this, according to the revelation, is that the deep ocean current will drastically change. And due to that change, the lands will be influenced.  

Yet, these are merely what MIGHT happen. And from this setsubun turning point, we CAN say no to this future. When many human beings becomes strongly aware and send gratitude towards mother earth for giving us lives, the future can change. When we acknowledge this now and act upon it, everything will be all right. 

 Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
 Thank you for letting us live

 生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

original Japanese content written on 2015.2.3

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