Sunday, March 1, 2015

What can we do to pass this month safely ?

March, 2015. Observing the natural phenomenon emphasizing around the time of "half tide" influenced by the moon cycle. 

 The distance between the moon and the earth will be at the furthest on March 5th. 5 days after this is March 10th (tues), a watch out day. This is based on the "5 days after" theory I explained few years ago.   

* Last quarter (3.14)~ new moon(3.20)This one week is the new moon phase and it is a week when your thoughts can be easily reflected into your reality. Therefore, it is better not to have any negative thoughts at this time and instead stay positive and keep a light feeling having hopes. 

We should also stay watchful for the days with unstable electron flux in the sky.(

The watch out odd number month of "3" is starting.
And one of the very important event in the ancient Judaism tradition 
is on March 20th.

2015-3-20 (the beginning of the religious New Year)  total lunar eclipse 
2015-4-4 (Passover) total lunar eclipse
2015-9-13 (
the beginning of the religious New Year) solar eclipse
2015-9-28 (Tabernacles) 
total lunar eclipse

The Jewish Feast Days that are combined with lunar or solar eclipse must be considered seriously. We should be cautious from one week before these dates. 

Looking at the dates by numerology, March 13th (fri) to March 21st are the days to be cautious. Especially March 18th. The possible events that could happen are terrorist acts, disputes, big accidents (ship, railway, airplane).  (There are no grounds to this. It is simply through my vision)

This has nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy. It is simply a week where the condition of the moon influences our deep consciousness mind more than usual. From the ancient times, the moon has a period where it requests human sacrifices. The ancient Jewish people acknowledged this and started to create Feast Days around this time. 

Recently, there were several websites that has been introducing the news from NASA about the dwarf planet Ceres, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, showing two mysterious bright spots and trying to figure out what it is. Who knows if this is true, but I am feeling that the small planets like the moon that lies near a large planet will be playing an important role. Please know that these small planets are possibly nurturing the nearby large planets. This is a key factor. 

In March, pay attention to the movements of the earth and volcanic activity. And big incidents/accidents in relation to this. By being aware and paying attention, we could make it "not to happen". 

However, it's always good to:

* Be prepared for safety. Have the awareness for disaster and accidents.
* Send gratitude to your ancestors in your daily life.
* Send gratitude to your Innate God that resides in your right heart.

Through these acts, unexpectedly or fortuitously, you will be protected.

Lets enjoy this month with positive attitudes!

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

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