Friday, March 6, 2015

Visiting God of Amatsu - part 2

From the parking area where the taxi driver stopped the car, I could feel the divine energy filling the forest.

The torii gateway, the entrance to the shrine can be seen on the left side of the parking lot.

I could  feel the enormous energy coming from the right side of the front entrance to the sacred ground. The vision I saw from the taxi was a body that covers the whole scared ground of this shrine. The divine spirit was tall as a 10 story high building, wearing a kimono just like a kabuki actor. The face was just as in this drawing, wearing make-up of kabuki style kumadori, looking this way glaringly and posing firmly.

I was astonished by the giant spirit and hesitant to get out of the taxi. But the other person who was in the taxi with me looked at me with a strange face not knowing what was going on, and went out of the car from the door on his side. 

As much as I was astonished, at the same time, I was in the moment linking with the dream I had as a small child. I wrote about this in my blog in the very early stage, but I had this dream about this same giant spirit. I remember he lifting me up on his palm. Now I know that this spirit actually resides here in the forest of Makata (麻賀多).

Later I will reveal the secret about the forest in front of the parking area.

Anyway, I got off the taxi, and the first thing is to go to the place where you put water onto your hands and cleanse. As I walk through the path of the sacred ground of the Makata Shrine, I continuously felt a strong divine energy from the forest on my right side.

After I visited the main shrine to send my gratitude, I walked towards the left to finally greet the giant cedar tree, a national treasure.

The giant tree was very beautiful and grand. As I was looking at the tree, I realized that the giant spirit that I saw was about the same height as this tree (about 40m).

In this moment, I came to another realization. When you see a large cedar tree like this, you can expect a large size spirit as tall as the tree residing in that forest. It means that there is a correlation between the great spirits and the giant trees. When I think back, there were giant spirits in places such as Tamaki Shrine (玉置神社), Hakusan-chūkyo Shrine (白山中居神社), Yakushima Island (屋久島)  

And now finally, we will move on to the main topic,  Amano-hitsuku Shrine (天之日津久神社)

to be continued ..

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

original Japanese blog written on March.3.2015

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