Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Visiting God of Amatsu - part 3

As I visited Amano-hitsuku Shrine (天之日津久神社), I started to feel a warm sense of divine energy. When God of Amatsu comes to me to send me a revelation, I get a severe pain on my right arm as if a burning metal chopstick are pressed against my arm. So I was getting ready for that moment to come. But then, I felt something behind my right shoulder towards the right side of the forest. 

I turned around to the right facing back and I saw a kagura-den (神楽殿), a building where the sacred ritual music and dance are performed as an offering to the divine. And I felt I was called to go to the forest behind the building. But the next moment, I realized that the family I was with had disappeared. I wondered what had happened and soon after I finished my prayers at the shrine, I went back to look for them. I saw them waving at me from the forest in front of the parking area. 

I walked to where they were standing. Then one of them said, "this is a very strange space." I looked up towards the sky from that spot.

It looked as if it is a black and white paper cutout picture or a stained glass art. The light from the sky was partly cut-off from the tree branches creating a very mysterious atmosphere. And from that particular spot, I could feel a spiritual pathway that is opened up towards the World of Gods all the way up in the deep sky. I brought my focus back to the forest again. And there was the pure and silent forest spreading all around.

Then a powerful energy moved my attention to another spot. There a stone monument popped into my eyes.

On the stone monument, the name Makata Daigongen (
麻賀多大権現) was engraved. Daigongen is one facet of a spirit of Dai-tengu (大天狗: a great spirit of the forest that is in disguise; a goblin with a long nose that looks like a crow). 

I don't know the actual history about this stone monument, but my senses tells me that it was made when someone saw the god of Makata Shrine in the figure of Dai-tengu. However, this is only a kenzoku (A retainer or an emissary. A spirit entity that serves under a god. Usually in animal forms). When I saw this stone monument, I understood the true god who resides at this shrine and who told the content of the Hitsuki Shinji (日月神示: a Divine Revelation descended in 1944).

The true identity of the god who resides at this shrine is Kunitokotachi-ohokami (国常立太神) in the seventh dimension. And the kenzoku of this god is a very unique god spirit from the 5th dimension the happened to be called Daigongen. 

The same system of the World of the Gods as in Gegū  of The Grand Shrine of Ise was presented to me here in the Kanto region. I realized that the change of shape that happened with the sakaki leaves on my altar was a transcription of the fan that Daigongen has is his hand.

When I payed a visit to Daigongen (the forest in front of the parking area), I saw a grand vision of the world of this god. The story started with this giant spirit standing on top of Mt.Fuji with his arms crossed. Then he showed me jumping across Mt.Ontake, Mt.Takao and through the chain of mountains of Tohoku area. Mt.Haku was not in his walking trail. It seemed to be considered another category in his mind. 

He then jumped straight up high above the sky with just one kick with his tall wooden clog. He went high as to the stratosphere. If he had used both feet who knows how high he could go.  This action of his signifies the ability to foresee a far distance as well as the future. And to overlook the entire planet. He was sent from the World of the Gods as a guardian of Japan and was placed close to the capital city, Tokyo.  In Japan, there is only one kind of god spirit so large as him.

In the future, if the capital moves to Kyoto, this god spirit will most likely be assigned to become the guardian of the  kimon (鬼門:the northeastern corner, demon's gate) of Kyoto, which would be Heisen-ji Hakusan Shrine (平泉寺白山神社) or Hakusan-chūkyo Shrine (白山中居神社) where a giant tree stands. 

This god spirit told me, "Surpass the purification from the sun and the moon (fire, water, earthquake, volcano eruption) during the three years 2015 ~ 2018, and survive the 12 years of the big peak (serious disputes) until 2030. Then the next 9 years will be starting all over from one. I hope you outlive that too. And I will be looking forward to the day in 2039 hopefully with many humans to see a good sunny day in Japan. I wish you the very best to help guide all of this." 

It was a short day trip but a very deep spiritual time and experience I hadn't had in a while. 

I went to visit Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art in Sakura city of Chiba Prefecture. The museum was showing an exhibition titled "The coming of Susanoo - life, anger, and prayer."

to be continued..

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます
Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

original Japanese blog written on March.3.2015

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