Friday, July 3, 2015

When the engine becomes the vehicle

Reader's comment:

"I have a question related to one of your article about a metaphor being a vehicle.""As you said, when we can be grateful about our current situation, stay bright and work hard, we will see changes in our lives. My question is, for instance if I was an engine in this life time, what is happening to me, when we do this and changes occur? What is happening to the engine? If any of the followings apply, I would appreciate to give me the answer."

1. The engine is currently under inspection and maintenance.2. The weather would change to the best kind.3. The quality of the engine becomes better.4. These are two different matters and cannot be compared.

My answer:
When the engine is doing his job, not looking around but only focusing deeply on his ability, and comes into (fall deep into) its rhythm in full play so to speak,  then;
* You loose the feeling of being a "particle", the engine.
* You will understand and have the sense of feeling that you are the whole vehicle and not just the engine.
When we put this metaphor back into human kind;
* When we stop looking around and comparing with others, and simply focus on one's own life and self, observe it in a calm manner.
* Then you will start to understand that you (self/ego) that you thought was You was simply a preoccupation that you had built during all the experiences while you were growing older.  
* Both the failure/dissatisfied you and the successful you, did not really exist.   
* You will just know that you were part of the whole, one being (kami/god). And you will know that the existence is hiding inside every individual (physical body) and "experiencing." It is not a logical comprehension but like an intuitive sense. This is the moment of satori (awakened state). 

However a question may raise in you. "Why would god come inside me and want to experience the miserable hardships I am experiencing?"

There is a famous samurai TV drama in Japan called Mito-koumon (水戸黄門). He was from a wealthy samurai family, Tokugawa family who ruled the Mito district.  But he spent most of his time going into normal people's life in disguise to experience what common people are going through and help them when they needed. Why did he do this? It's because just living in a castle and having a luxurious life with no problem was boring for him. He wanted to live a full life with all kinds of experiences. That was his joy.

Once you have overcome a hardship that you thought you could never get through, you would really enjoy the reverberation, the after-senses that echoes within you. You feel a great sensation and sometimes you could even get addicted to that feeling. Many people who climb severe high mountains becomes addicted to it. Once you have made it to the top (overcome hardships/at the same time great joy), you want to do it again (you want to come back to experience another life). You desire for it yourself again and again. This is the truth of what happens (how you would feel) when you die and go to the other dimension.

Therefore, there is a high possibility that the more you are suffering now, the more you desired and planned for it before you came into this world. When life is hard and so much heartaches, of course it is tough. But there is always a reason for experiencing what you are experiencing now. It is truly worth going through it.

If your life is easy and happy now, you must know that it is not a matter of course. It is something very rare, and you must not take it for granted. Daily prayers for gratitude is very important. The more fun you are having, the more you tend to forget to be grateful and become selfish.. this is the nature of human beings. You should be careful not to get trapped in the saga.

Your guardian spirits or your Innate God, may give you hardships just to keep you away from getting spoiled and commit crimes. Without any exception, we all eventually go back to the other dimension after we die. As a parent spirit (your guardian spirits or your Innate God), he/she is considering and being thoughtful all the way until where your soul will be placed after you die and trying to guide you.

So try to bring out all you have and express who you are !!

Why be troubled by the current situation when it was all pre-planned by yourself? Don't compare yourself to others. Just devote to yourself. When you are able to completely immerse yourself to YOU, you will see that it is all already perfect and that you are in the flow of the ocean of Love. We are all simply playing and experiencing the desperate situation within the Absolute Safe and Secure zone. 

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

I am grateful to be led to live this life

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

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