Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Before a big volcanic eruption, there will be a huge earthquake

According to the volcanic activity research, without any exception, there is always a huge earthquake at a nearby location before a huge volcanic eruption (there could be 4 to 5 years in between the occurrence). This has been witnessed all over the world and the accuracy is 100%. In Japan, we can see that happening too. After the 3.11, the volcanos in the North-East are becoming very active. 

A week ago, I 
received a revelation that Mt.Fuji's volcanic activity will start happening from September 2017. 

When we converse the theory, it means that there will be a huge earthquake before this time. Possibly the Tokai area (
AichiShizuokaMie and southern Gifu prefectures on the ocean side).

When I look back to check the revelations I received, here is what was said:

 Watch the Suruga Gulf to Sagami Gulf and towards the North. 

 If the tsunami is over 20m, the disaster will be huge. Sizuoka Prefecture needs to be most cautious since it is between Suruga Gulf and Mt.Fuji. In case the tsunami is over 20m, within few days, it will affect Sagami Gulf into Kanagawa Prefecture. This area needs to be very cautious too.

When there is a 20m tsunami, we must we aware that the elevation of up to 10m will be covered with water. This map shows where the 13m high areas are from the sea shore in Shizuoka and Kanagawa.

It shows that most of Fuji-shi and Numazu-shi will be under water.
Those who live in this area, be conscious when a huge earthquake occur, to move to a place above 20m sea level (5th floor of a building) or up a hill. The higher the better. You need to move within 20 minutes from the time of a huge earthquake.

The best is to look for a high hill or a new building. You need to prepare and make sure where that is could be from your place.

August 2nd was most close to Moon. The Earth do get most influenced by the Moon. When it gets very close or very far, those times are watch out days.

We will have many half tide days this month. Be aware that huge earthquake could happen on these days.

When you live in the Tokai area, you might think, "oh here we go again, I'm sick of hearing it.."  However, tying with the Mt.Fuji eruption revelation, this may be the time to really be conscious about it and be prepared. When we become aware and be conscious about it, things don't seem to occur. As when something big is predicted, it usually never happens because of this reason. 

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

I am grateful to be led to live this life

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

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