Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Black&white, light&dark contrasts… pay attention when these start to fade away

This year’s expressions in the sky look very different from last year. The weather experts are saying that this year will be a warm winter in Japan. But I think it will be different. I think there will be a mixture of very warm and very cold days. The gap between the warm days and the cold days will be very big and we will have extreme weathers with some heavy snowfall in a short amount of time. The average temperature for this winter may be higher than the average year, but we must pay attention to the day to day differences.

This kind of mixed weather will cause more expenses in the preparation. The snow tires are not cheap. However, even one day of big snowfall, without these snow tires, accidents could happen and there is no guarantee if the insurance will cover in such case.  If your insurance didn’t cover for the accident, and if it involved injuring another person, you may even have to sell your house, a real nightmare.

Know that extreme weather could really change your life upside down. In addition, these kinds of weather would affect not only the humans but the animals as well. 
For example, the bears may not able to get into hibernation and they may come out unexpectedly. If you think getting into the forest is safe during the winter, it may not be the case this winter. The kind of bears that live in the main island of Japan, could well kill a man if they are really hungry. When you are paying a visit to the shrines deep inside the mountain, make sure you carry a bell. The sound of a bell will also keep the spirits away. The bad spirits do not like the metallic ringing sounds.

In the traditional Buddhist funeral, they use a metallic sound like a gong to guide the deceased to lead to the next dimension, and to cut-off their emotional attachment toward the life they just passed. This makes sense in a spiritual way.

These past hundred years, the forests are diminishing. And one theory says the cause of this could be coming from the town lights lighting up all night and that may be the cause of their decay. During the dark hours, the leaves go into photosynthetic activity. But when there is light all day, their natural cycle is out of order and weakens the health of nature.

Having said that, we humans also need to have this variation in our daily lives. When we work we need to work fully. And then, we need to rest fully and deeply as well.  In much larger scale, when we are living in this dimension, we should enjoy “motion” and when we go into the life after-death, we enjoy the “stillness.”

In many ways, when the contrasts of light and dark or black and white start to fade away, it is life threatening to all living creatures. I had a revelation a while ago that the Days of Miroku is coming soon when the four seasons are fading away. Feel how these all tie together. And enjoy every moment by living through this time. We will live it through together.  

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

I am grateful to be led to live this life

生かして頂いて 有り難う御座います

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2015-11-27 10:22:43

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