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Don't be too concerned about WHAT you eat. THANKING to the food that you eat is far more important

A question from a reader:

I am now reading the book you introduced before called, "Ketone body will save humanity. Why controlling the sugar will make you healthy" by Tetsuo Muneta. (Japanese book)
From this book, I was surprised to know that 90% of the people who committed suicide by jumping off to a railway were taking prescription drugs for lowering their cholesterol. 
5 years ago, I read on your blog about a balanced diet. And you mentioned about sickness such as depression, that if we continued to take a very low cholesterol diet, it could actually become a cause for mental break down. 
Where you aware of this research about cholesterol when you wrote this?

My comment:

My thoughts about giving a different idea on cholesterol started when I observed people who are vegetarian. I am not a doctor and so regarding what kind of drugs and dosage one should take depends on every person and should consult with one's own doctor. But basically I think that what we eat every day matters and doing enough exercise is also most important. 
Regarding people who are vegetarian, over 30 years I have been watching many spiritual gurus who make money out of spiritual teachings and treatments. And out of all these gurus, I found some odd feelings with those who are vegetarian. 
They were:

* Short temper. Their attitude differed depending on who they are talking to. They treat their staff very badly.

* Rather queer character and pathologically over sensitive.
* Obsessed with the other gender. And have multiple sex partners.

* In spite of being a vegetarian they don't live long. 
These were the things I heard behind the scene about many spiritual gurus. We tend to think when one is a vegetarian, he or she would be a kind and gentle person. But that was not the case.  I see that people who eat with gratitude are more of a balanced good person.
To be honest I haven't read this book (laugh). "I was surprised to know that 90% of the people who committed suicide by jumping off to a railway were taking prescription  drugs for lowering their cholesterol. " This content were said to be written according to the reader. Even it was actually written, it is merely one statistics collected by one doctor. However I do see it as a very interesting information. 
Anyways, I recommended it on my blog as this book came to me as a revelation. The reader also mentioned about the author being an obstetrician and that he regards to the infants’ health condition as a key factor. In the revelation I received, Dr.Miki a former professor at Osaka University, was also mentioned. He specializes in hematology and focuses on the ability of new borns. It looks like the secret for health is to learn about babies. According to Dr.Miki
  •      Your stools should look like the one of an infant. Soft like Ketch-up. It proves that it has many good bacteria. 
  •      The amount of salt in your blood should be close to an infant.
  •      People become sick when the amount of salt (sea salt) is not right. 

Please note that this is Dr.Miki’s opinion that I heard. Please do your own research.

In recent years, medias are showing that when you have high cholesterol you might have a longer life span. I once saw on TV, an American woman who is 100 years old. She claimed that the secret to her health was to eat greasy bacon and eggs every morning. (laugh) However, I would say that very high cholesterol that is causing pain in your heart would be dangerous. It’s best to keep a good balance in your meals. As long as you have one plate of vegetables before you eat meat or greasy food, I think you will be fine. Don’t stress yourself by restraining too much on your diet.
According to my revelation:
  •      Eat with gratitude to the food that you are about to eat.
  •      Be committed that you will live together with those lives that are giving you the energy.
  •      Then you will be fine.

Be aware of those lives that you are consuming and live a good long life with that in mind.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

I am grateful to be led to live this life

生かして頂いて 有り難う御座います

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